3D Graphics for Game Programming by JungHyun Han PDF

By JungHyun Han

ISBN-10: 1439827370

ISBN-13: 9781439827376

Designed for complicated undergraduate and starting graduate classes, 3D pics for video game Programming presents must-know info for achievement in interactive photographs. Assuming a minimum prerequisite figuring out of vectors and matrices, it additionally presents adequate mathematical history for online game builders to mix their earlier adventure in pix API and shader programming with the history concept of machine graphics.

Well prepared and logically provided, this ebook takes its organizational structure from GPU programming and provides quite a few algorithms for programmable phases besides the data required to configure hard-wired phases. simply obtainable, it bargains a wealth of intricate 3D visible displays and contains extra theoretical and technical information in separate shaded containers and not obligatory sections.

Maintaining API neutrality all through to maximise applicability, the ebook offers pattern courses to help in knowing. complete PowerPoint records and extra fabric, together with movies and lecture notes with all the figures within the ebook, can be found at the book’s web site: http://media.korea.ac.kr/book

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It is called space change from the world space {O,e1 ,e2 ,e3 } to the camera space {EYE,u,v,n}, and is performed by the view transform. This subsection presents how the view transform is derived. You have to clearly understand the concept of space change because it is frequently used in this book. ) The view transform for space change can be intuitively described by the process of superimposing the camera space {EYE,u,v,n} onto the world space {O,e1 ,e2 ,e3 } while maintaining the relative poses of the scene objects with respect to the camera space.

Suppose that the teapot’s mouth is located at (10,2,0) in the world space. In terms of the camera space, however, it is on the −n axis, and therefore its u- and v -coordinates are 0. √ The distance between the teapot’s camera space mouth and EYE located at (20,3,0) is 101. Therefore, in the √ {EYE,u,v,n}, the coordinates of the teapot’s mouth are (0,0,− 101). It becomes much easier to develop the rendering algorithms if all the worldspace objects are redefined into the camera space in the manner of the teapot’s mouth.

15: If a polygon intersects the view frustum’s boundary, the part of the polygon outside the view frustum is discarded. volume is outside the view frustum. If it is, the polygon mesh is discarded and does not enter the rendering pipeline. ) View-frustum culling can save a fair amount of GPU computing cost with a little CPU overhead, especially when a polygon mesh comprises a large number of vertices. In Fig. 14, only the teapot would survive the view-frustum culling. However, its handle intersects the far plane of the view frustum.

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