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Chemistry is the topic that is curious about all kinds of point which we will see or no longer, tangible or intangible. In a fashion this topic matters every body. The dictionary, which we're offering, looks after this truth. This dictionary is formulated in one of these means that each type of reader, be a scholar, a instructor, a researcher or the other who's remotely interested in the topic will locate it worthy. The presentation of evidence is straightforward and non-technical.
Besides defining the phrases now we have additionally supplied pictorial presentation of ,many phrases, on the way to aid the reader to extract the crust of the definition. except that those pictures are one of those supplementary definitions for a specific time period. those are used as a device to augment the readers wisdom with a few additional info. the photographs additionally offer spatial distribution of a few compound, their crystal constitution, their orientations in 3-dimensional area, and so forth. This dictionary includes greater than 2000 phrases. the entire definitions are good researched, basic and exhaustive. It offers every type of data touching on chemistry, and rdated topics. All attainable info is incorporated with utmost accuracy.
This dictionary has been constructed with good deal of attempt, with lot of labor in constructing the contents.
A reaction for this attempt is vastly expected. With this we are hoping readers will take pleasure in interpreting this dictionary
and discovered it additional info than the other current ones.

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_ concentration I compare with dilution . 1. A : measure of the amount of sub~ stance present in a unit amount I of mixture. The amounts can be expressed as moles, masses, or volumes. 2. The process of in- ========== II ""3,,,,6==========conc=;tration cell I conformational isomers II creasing the amount of sub- ~ • configurational isomers stance in a given amount of ; configurational isomers have mixture. the same molecular formula and • concentration cell I differ in only configuration a voltaic cell in which both com- I about a chiral centre or double partments contain the same I bond.

Things. Enzymes act as catalysts for a single reaction, converting ~ • equilibrium or chemical a specific set of reactants (called I equilibrium substrates) into specific prod- : a state of dynamic balance in ucts. Without enzymes life as ~ which the rates of fonvard and we know it would be impos- ~ reverse reactions are equal; sible. ; favoured. state; the Van der Waals equa- ; • equivalence point tion describes the behaviour of : compare with end point . The ~ equivalence point is the point in the gaseous state.

The attack of a nucloo- ~ (P) the pressure at the critical phile then takes place from ~ point. the least hindered side of the : _ critical temperature molecule. ~ (TJ the temperature at the Often confused with the DIL ; critical point. A gas above the system of nomenclature to : critical temperature will never which it has absolutely no rela- ~ condense into a liquid, no mattionship. The d stand for dex- ; ter how much pressure is aptro or 'dextrorotatory' and sim- : plied. 7 times the stan(clockwise).

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