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By Donald Fenna

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This finished and authoritative dictionary offers transparent definitions of devices, prefixes, and sorts of weights and measures in the Systeme foreign (SI), in addition to conventional, and industry-specific devices. it is usually normal old and medical heritage, protecting the improvement of the sequential definitions and sizing of devices. This new reference paintings will end up valuable to expert scientists, engineers, technicians in addition to to scholars and the overall person.

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Charriere scale length See French. chronon (tempon) sub-atomic physics 1CT23 s, the decimally rounded time for electromagnetic radiation to span an electron. u. physics See Celsius heat unit. Ci radiation physics See curie. e. Illumination)] colorimetry The key scientific system for describing and specifying f colour, based on the additive mixing of precisely defined coloured lights. The three colours red, green, and blue are sufficient to produce, by appropriate mixing, all colours, including white, the 'complete colour'.

Technically, any fraction of a cord can indicate any appropriate fractioning of one or more of the pertinent dimensions; however, a third of a cord would normally imply a face-cord of 16 in logs. coul (informal), coulomb [C. A. de Coulomb; France 1736-1806] quantity of electricity, electric charge. Symbol C. The coulombs of electricity transported or of charge delivered by a f steady current equal the product of current in amperes and time in seconds. u. system. s. = s -A. The following are among the coherent derived units: • C • m~ 2 for electric flux density, surface density of charge, electric polarization; • C • rrr3 for volumic charge, charge density; • C • kg"1 for exposure to X- or gamma-rays; • C • V = joule for energy, work, quantity of heat; • C-V^ 1 = farad for electric capacitance.

E. s. system. See also electromagnetic centimetre; electrostatic centimetre. s. system. 006 955~; for frequencies/! 193- x loglo (/2/ji). Compare cent, which has 100 units to the semitone, 1200 to the octave. centner massBI See cental. centrad [centi-radian] plane angle 155 rad, particularly for diffraction of light by a prism. century [Lat: 'hundred'] time 100 years. g. 1900-1999, but classically meant the set one year later. See millennium. cetane number [refers to the chemical used] automotives A measure of the 'knock' or compressive ignitability of a fuel, being the percentage by volume of the chemical cetane, which, when blended with methylnaphthalene, gives a like performance.

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