Download PDF by Paul Feldman;Corinna Lotz: A world to win: a rough guide to a future without global

By Paul Feldman;Corinna Lotz

ISBN-10: 0952345412

ISBN-13: 9780952345411

Feldman P., et al. a global to win.. a coarse advisor to destiny with no worldwide capitalism (Lupus Books, 2004)(ISBN 0952345412)

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Operating out of Geneva, Switzerland, with an administrative staff of 500, the WTO enforces more than 20 separate international agreements, using international trade tribunals that adjudicate disputes. Although all countries appear equal under the WTO on paper, in reality, the major economies with economic and political power hold centre stage. The WTO is constructed like no other international agency. Unlike the GATT, which was effectively a business contract between nations, the WTO has a legal personality and the power to enforce its rulings.

The subsequent installation of what became a constitutional monarchy tailored the state to support the explosion in trade and commerce that followed. Parliament and a new state power now dominated politics. The brutal exploitation of India and other colonies and the illgotten wealth from the slave trade all contributed to the accumulation by the British ruling class of the capital required to open a new chapter in history – capitalism. Marx, in Capital, describes in vivid words how this happened: In England at the end of the 17th century, they [moments of primitive accumulation] arrive at a systematical combination, embracing the colonies, the national debt, the modern mode of taxation, and the protectionist system.

38 A World to Win Internationalisation of financial markets was also a strong feature of capitalism during the late 19th century, the system collapsing with the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Today the position is vastly changed, as Jan Annaert explains in an article on financial markets in Globalisation and the Nation-State: The present situation differs qualitatively from the one a century ago, in the sense that a larger part of the world and more independent countries are involved. Indeed, integration and globalisation is not only a characteristic of developed markets but also of emerging markets.

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