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By Leonard Unger, Jay Parini

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One of the 18 authors profiled within the complement are Madison Smartt Bell, Alice Hoffman, Paul Monette, Anais Nin, Tom Robbins, Amy Tan and others.

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On the other hand, in the interview with Mark Halliday, Bidart mentions Callas and it is clear that she is an artist who matters to him a great deal. ” Clearly this is what Bidart strives to accomplish in his own poetry: authentic expression that is fashioned out of diverse materials. Ellen says that watching Callas perform, she felt she was “watching / autobiography—,” and this is precisely how the reader feels reading Bidart’s dramatic monologues. Ellen West is a compelling and believable character, and yet part of Bidart’s genius is that his artist’s hand is never completely out of view.

He also underscores the idea that White’s way of splitting himself off from his own behavior can be a coping mechanism for other, presumably “normal” people. In addition to presenting subject matter that will continue to obsess and possess Bidart, the poems in Golden State make a strong aesthetic statement. Throughout, Bidart’s language is decidedly spare and unadorned. ” (Western Night). These lines point to Bidart’s concern that poetry often aestheticizes and idealizes in ways that may betray its subject.

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