Yi Ma, Stefano Soatto, Jana Kosecká, S. Shankar Sastry's An Invitation to 3-D Vision: From Images to Geometric Models PDF

By Yi Ma, Stefano Soatto, Jana Kosecká, S. Shankar Sastry

ISBN-10: 1441918469

ISBN-13: 9781441918468

This publication introduces the geometry of 3D imaginative and prescient, that's, the reconstruction of 3D types of gadgets from a suite of 2-D pictures. It info the vintage thought of 2 view geometry and indicates extra right device for learning the geometry of a number of perspectives is the so-called rank attention of the a number of view matrix. It additionally develops sensible reconstruction algorithms and discusses attainable extensions of the speculation.

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On the other hand. debates whether the primate brain maintains a view-centered or an object-centered representation of the world. II The notion of matrix representation for a group is introduced in Appendix A. 3. Rotational motion and its representations 23 the center of rotation o. If this is not the case, simply translate the origin to the point o. We now attach another coordinate frame, say C, to the rotating object, say a camera, with its origin also at o. 4. 4. Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed point 0 and along the axis w.

What do you need in order to prove that two linear maps are the same? 5 Show that a matrix M E IR3X3 is skew-symmetric if and only if u T Mu for every u E IR:J. 6 Consider a 2 x 2 matrix cos O sin 0 -sinO] cosO . What is the determinant of the matrix? Consider another transformation matrix R2 = [sinO cosO co~O]. -smO Is the matrix orthogonal? What is the determinant of the matrix? Is R2 a 2-D rigid-body transformation? What is the difference between Ri and R2 ? 7 (Rotation as a rigid-body motion).

5Tt - . . t - 5 ) 0 + (t22! - t4 4! + t6! 6 - ... ) 0 2. 28 Chapter 2. Representation of a Three-Dimensional Moving Scene The two sets of parentheses contain the Taylor series for sin(t) and (1 - cos(t)), respectively. Thus, we have e iA = 1+ wsin(t) + w2 (1 - cos(t)). 0 Using Rodrigues' formula, it is immediate to see that if IIwll have = 1, t = 2k7r, we for all k E Z. Hence, for a given rotation matrix R E SO(3), there are infinitely many exponential coordinates w E JR3 such that eW = R. The exponential map exp : 80(3) - t SO(3) is therefore not one-to-one.

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