Bruno Cozzi, Stefan Huggenberger, Helmut A Oelschläger's Anatomy of Dolphins. Insights Into Body Structure and PDF

By Bruno Cozzi, Stefan Huggenberger, Helmut A Oelschläger

ISBN-10: 0124072291

ISBN-13: 9780124072299

ISBN-10: 0124076556

ISBN-13: 9780124076556

The Anatomy of Dolphins: Insights into physiology and Function is an actual, distinct, absolutely illustrated, descriptive, and functionally orientated textual content at the anatomy and morphology of dolphins. It makes a speciality of a couple of delphinid species, with keynotes on very important dolphin-like genera, corresponding to the harbor porpoise. It additionally serves as an invaluable supplement for increasing developments and emphases in molecular biology and genetics.

The authors proportion their life-long services on marine mammals in quite a few disciplines. Written as a staff instead of being ready as a suite of separate contributions, the result's a uniform and finished sort, giving all the various issues acceptable area. Many colour figures, which use the authors’ entry to large collections of targeted dolphin and whale fabric, around out this remarkable delivering to the field.

  • Includes top quality illustrations, drawings, halftone art, photographic documentations, microphotos, and tables detailing dolphin anatomy, functionality, and morphology
  • Facilitates schooling and coaching of scholars of all uncomplicated study and technologies devoted to marine biology and the remedy of marine mammals
  • Brings jointly the present wisdom and knowledge in this subject, together with these in imprecise previous or non-English guides, or scattered in brief chapters in volumes
  • Covers a couple of delphinid species and serves as an invaluable supplement for increasing tendencies in molecular biology and genetics

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Griseus and P. phocoena, the presence of adipose tissue, blood vessels, and nerves throughout the fibrous disk may suggest a role of the disk in neurological sensory functions such as echolocation. 35) is composed by a single basihyoid bone that articulates posterolateraly with two thyrohyoid bones, and dorsally with two stylohyoid bones connected to the paraoccipital process of the skull base. The tympanohyoid cartilageo is placed between the stylohyoid bone and the periotic bone. Additional elements of the hyoid apparatus of other mammals (ceratohyoid and epihyoid) are transformed in dolphins into cartilage interposed between the basihyoid and the stylohyoid.

So the elongation of the maxillary bones does not parallel a likewise expansion of the nasal cavities, and is not functional to chewing, because toothed whales and dolphins just grab and swallow their prey whole. The elongation of the skull may be due to the high number of teeth necessary for grabbing, or to the space required by the melon dorsal to the maxillary bone. The hyoid complex is formed by the usual segments and is shaped like a dorsally concave crescent. It constitutes the basis for the attachment of the musculature of the tongue and frames the large larynx.

The main columnar cells of the stratum germinativum are attached in the dermis by numerous hemidesmosomes on the basal membrane and to each other by desmosomes. The cytoplasm is typical of mammalian germinatival cells containing numerous perinuclear mitochondria, rough endoplasmic reticulum, free ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, and a woven pattern of tonofibrils. , 1986). The oval nucleus, with its well-developed chromatin network, has one to three nucleoli. Dendritic-like cells of Langerhans, that play a central role within inflammatory and immune responses, are outlined by their melanin content in the basal portion of the epidermis (Simpson and Gardner, 1972).

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