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By Edward L. Engelhardt (Eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9780841203334

content material: [Beta]-adrenoceptor antagonists as antihypertensive brokers / Richard Clarkson --
Centrally performing antihypertensive brokers / Wolfgang Hoefke --
Antihypertensives appearing by way of a peripheral mechanism / John E. Francis --
Antihypertensive brokers as visible via the clinician / Gaddo Onesti.

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Daussee 1958 0 L~N / N R t R 5 M e J a B r i S t °' R ^—A* (A*B=-N=CH- or-CH-N-) 2 M y e r S 1 9 7 1 Medicinal Chemistry IV Figure 26. Survey of compounds structurally related to clonidine ( 46 ) antihyp srtensive and central s edation gastric s ecretion sympath omimetic action antihyper­ sympathotensive a. mimet. a. 04 0,009 0,23 0,06 1,5 0,04 St 600 0,5 0,039 0,078 1,95 3,8 7,5 St 608 0,8 0,3 0,38 0,81 1,0 4,0 quotient g/a 1,0 15,0 5,0 Life Sciences Figure 27. Comparison of the relationship between antihypertensive and sympathomimetic activity and sedation and inhibition of gastric secretion of clonidine and two derivatives (St 600 and St 608).

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. ANTIHYPERTENSIVE AGENTS CHEMICAL STRUCTURE HO CH 2 NH 2 CH 3 H O - ^ ^ - C H - Ç - COOH 2 CH ~^3 CH _CH 2~ - 70 30 0 0 300 0 200 0 30 0 0 30 0 0 3 c- NH ChI HO CH 2 00 N H 3 HO HO decrease in blood pressure mmHg 3 H O - ^ ^ - C H - C - COOH HO dose mg/kg '• Ρ 0 0 H 2 CH 3 C 3 H O - ^ ^ - C H - C - COOH 2 NH H CO 2 CH 3 3 HO-^^-CH —Ç—COOH 2 HO NH 2 CH 3 H O - ^ ^ - C H - C — COOH 2 NH-CH3 Figure 28. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976.

H. STÄHLE and M. DANIEL: Chem. Ber. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1976. 3 Antihypertensives Acting by a Peripheral Mechanism JOHN E. , Ardsley, Ν. Y. 10502 The e f f o r t s of m e d i c i n a l researchers i n trying to f i n d antihypertensive agents working by a p e r i p h e r a l mechanism arise from the e x p e c t a t i o n that these agents will e f f e c t good blood pressure c o n t r o l without the c e n t r a l nervous system s i d e e f f e c t s which are observed to some extent w i t h every marketed agent to date which has a strong c e n t r a l component in its mechanism of a c t i o n .

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