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By Justin Gregg

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How clever are dolphins? Is their communique method rather as complicated as human language? And are they as pleasant and peaceable as they're made out to be?

Justin Gregg weighs up the claims made approximately dolphin intelligence and separates medical truth from fiction. He offers the result of the newest learn in animal behaviour, and places our wisdom approximately them into point of view with comparisons to medical stories of different animals, specifically the crow kinfolk and nice apes. He offers interesting money owed of the demanding situations of checking out what an animal with flippers and no facial expressions may possibly really be pondering. Gregg's evidence-based procedure creates a finished and up to date examine of this interesting animal with a view to entice all these intrigued via dolphin behaviour.

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Against their will) even though they retain both sensation of the hand and a feeling of ownership of the hand; and body integrity identity disorder occurs when sufferers feel that one of their limbs (which they can sense and move at will) is not actually part of their own body, and often attempt self-amputation to relieve their suffering. Evidence from the laboratory suggests that dolphins possess a sense of body-awareness. , touch the Frisbee with your dorsal fin), she was able to do so. , Kanzi the bonobo)8 also learned symbols referring to their body parts, but have not been 50 COGI TO E RGO DE L PHIN US SU M tested to the same extent as Elele in using body parts to carry out actions.

Dolphin science, like all science, does not deal in certitudes, rarely producing the kind of concrete results that make for reliable front page headlines. Unfortunately, the public is perceived to be uncomfortable with the ambiguity stemming from research involving complex topics like the nature of the human and animal mind. Responsible scientists working in these fields engage in qualifying, hedging, and caveat-laden statement making when presenting the results of their findings to the public or speaking to the press, which can be frustrating for those looking for clear answers or easily digestible sound bites.

The funny thing about primate (including human) and dolphin brains is that, while they might not be the biggest brains of all, they deviate rather significantly from the allometric body-scaling rule. 13 A number of metrics of brain size have cropped up that attempt to describe this anomalous observation, which, if humans are used as the baseline, might be a better predictor of intelligence than absolute brain size. 14 Any of these measures have, at one time, been supplied as anatomical evidence for dolphin intelligence, but it is EQ that is most commonly cited these days.

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