Arms Law (Rolemaster Companion) by S. Coleman Charlton, Kurt H. Fischer, Jeff Yette PDF

By S. Coleman Charlton, Kurt H. Fischer, Jeff Yette

ISBN-10: 1558065512

ISBN-13: 9781558065512

Placed quick and livid wrestle into your experience! palms legislation can provide fable and medieval melee and missile assaults with realistic-plus effects. easy to take advantage of, you are going to puncture, lessen, or weigh down your foes with convincing fatality!Arms legislation expands the strive against method from Rolemaster delusion function enjoying to its complete breadth.Attacks from dozens of guns are all dealt with in a different way in order that each one weapon has a special suppose and style. an analogous is correct for animal assaults and different adversarial maneuvers like falling, brawling, and martial's now not the bruises that kill! severe harm is what wastes your enemies! hands legislations offers a dozen different types of severe moves -- defined in shiny aspect -- that let you graphically describe the brutality to wrestle!

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20H – 12∑ Blast foe's chest. Send ribcage into heart. Foe drops and dies in 6 rounds. Blow to shoulder. +9H – ∑∏ – (-50) Foe yells out before the impact and is silenced by the blow. Ribs crack. 4∑∏ – (-30) Strike to foe's head. If he has no helm, he falls into a coma for 3 weeks. +10H – ∑∏ – (-10) +10H – 2∑∏ – (-40) +12H – 2∑∏ – (-25) Foe makes a mistake and pays. You send him prone with a fell strike. Tendons are smashed. +12H – (-10) Glancing strike to lower back. Foe turns away to avoid the damage.

The wound opens up nicely. Foe is in pain. 61-65 with arm greaves: +5H – 2∑∏ +2H – ∑ – 2∫ – (-10) w/o arm greaves: +3H – 2∑ – 2∫ – (-10) +2H – 2∫ –(-10) 66 Strike to foe's shield shoulder. Arm Foe blocks your attack with his elbow. is useless. That must really hurt! Elbow is shattered. Shield arm is useless. 3∑ – (+10) Strike along foe's neck. +3H – 4∑ – 2π +5H – 3∑ – ∏ Strike to lower leg. 71-75 76-80 2∑ –3∫ – (-5) Strike to foe's calf. Slash muscle. Foe almost falls down. with leg greave: +5H – 3π – (-10) w/o leg greave: +3H – ∑∏ – (-25) Strike foe in upper arm.

Sling foe's weapon to the right 5 feet. Foe's arm is useless. Tendon damage. +8H – ∑∏ +15H – 3∑ – (-75) Slap foe's arm and elbow around like string. Joint is shattered. Arm is useless. Foe should have stayed in bed. +9H – 2∑∏ Blow lands on foe's side. He goes down Blow to foe's armpit. Crush ribs and hard. Victory is close. destroy organs. Foe dies in 3 rounds. +12H – 3∑∏ – (-40) +15H – 3∑∏ – (+10) +20H – 6∑ – (-50) Blow to thigh. Compound fracture severs an artery. Foe goes down hard and dies in 12 rounds.

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