Merlin D. Tuttle's Bat House Builder's Handbook PDF

By Merlin D. Tuttle

ISBN-10: 0963824864

ISBN-13: 9780963824868

Since 1994, The Bat residence Builder's Handbook has been the definitive resource for bat condo details. This new version has been thoroughly revised to include the newest study on enhancing the luck premiums for bat homes. It updates the unique bat residence plans and contains a new "rocket field" layout, in addition to mounting feedback, information for experimentation, commonly asked bat condominium questions, and data approximately bats probably to exploit bat houses.

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Uses buildings w ith Spanish tile roofs, as well as palm fronds and woodpecker holes. Several bats were repo rted using a bat hou se \-vith a l ~-inch-chamber in southwest Florida. Pallas's mastiff bat, Molossus molossus IN THE UNITED STATES, fou nd in buildings in the Florida Keys only. Throu gh out the Caribbean, northern Mexico, Central America, and nor thern South America, roosts includ e l, oll ow trees, palm fronds, rock crevices, ca ves, bridges, cul verts, and buildings . Uses bat h ouses yearround in Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico.

Many pests avoid areas where they hear bats. Bat biologist Dr. John Whitaker recently documented that a single colony of 150 big brown bats, a number that could easily live in one ba t house, can eliminate 38,000 cucumber beetles, 16,000 June bugs, 19,000 stink bugs, and 50,000 leafhoppers in a summer. This is a conservative number that does not consider the many other unidentified insects these bats eat. Cucumber beetles are among America's most costly agricultural pests. nown as corn rootworms.

Southeastern myotis, Myotis austroriparius MOSTLY RESTRI CTED to Gul f States. Rears you ng in caves, tree h oll ows, and buildings. Mostly nonmigratory, hibernates in caves in its northern range and ofte n in tree hollows or buildings farther south . Confirmed bat house user in Flo rida; believed to u se bat houses in o ther Gulf States. s. Often li ves alone or in small groups; females form m a ternity colonies of 12 to 50 individuals in summer. Roosts in hollow trees, under bark, in cliff crev ices, sinkh oles, caves, m in es, and abandoned buildings.

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