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By Per Jensen

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Written by way of specialists in several parts, this booklet provides an up to date account of the behavioral biology of canines. break up in 3 elements, the booklet addresses the categorical features of behavioral biology. the 1st half bargains with the evolution and improvement of the puppy, while the subsequent half bargains with uncomplicated elements of puppy habit. the ultimate half emphasizes at the behavioral difficulties, their prevention and therapy.

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Small uncoloured circles denote mtDNA types not found in the regional population. Black dots are hypothetical intermediates. Uncoloured squares are wolf mtDNA types. Subclusters of clade A discussed in the main text, three in the East Asian and one in the European network, are marked by black lines. and the mutation rate of the analysed region. Under the assumption that the clade originates from a single wolf mtDNA type, the age of the clade will approximately correspond to the origin of the dogs originating from that female wolf.

1997) similarly studied a large sample of dogs from Asia, but also included some samples from wolves. Consequently, they were able to convincingly demonstrate a close relationship between wolves and dogs. , 1997), but in this study an attempt to use the molecular information to estimate the date of domestication was made. The study by Vilà et al. included 162 wolves from 27 populations from throughout Europe, Asia and North America and 140 dogs representing 67 breeds. As Okumura et al. did 1 year earlier, Vilà et al.

4). Among domestic dogs, A29 was found only east of the Himalayas, together with most types in that part of clade A. This indicates that the dingo population originates from a single introduction of a small population of domestic dogs coming from East Asia, carrying mtDNA type A29. The mean distance among the dingo sequences to A29 indicates their arrival to Australia ~5000 years ago. The dingo has probably remained isolated since then, and represents a unique isolate of early undifferentiated dogs.

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