Nasir Khusraw (auth.); Ormsby, Eric (trans.)'s Between Reason and Revelation: Twin Wisdoms Reconciled. An PDF

By Nasir Khusraw (auth.); Ormsby, Eric (trans.)

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Read or Download Between Reason and Revelation: Twin Wisdoms Reconciled. An annotated English translation of Nāṣir-i Khusraw’s Kitāb-i Jāmiʿ al-ḥikmatayn PDF

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The notion of kufr (unbelief) has, however, taken possession of an entire group. And yet, it is not a doctor’s nature 48. In this list, the spatial and the temporal are novel causes. 49. , the three ‘kingdoms’ of minerals, plants, and animals. 50. The number seven is of obvious significance. See, for example, S. M. Stern who notes, with regard to early Ismaili thought, the belief that there are seven prophets, seven heavens, seven seas, and seven earths; moreover, man has seven bodily parts and seven openings in his head; and there are, of course, seven Imams as well as the seven ‘prophets with resolution’.

Here reading khūd (instead of khirad), following a suggestion of F. M. Hunzai. ’ Christians form another group. They believe that God is three, but that all three are one and to be worshipped. Dualists are another group. They hold that the Eternal is two but that Yazdān, the object of their worship, is one. The philosophers make a fourth group. They say that it is not for creatures to worship Him, but rather, to know Him, His power, might, and dominion. The fifth group consists of the upholders of monotheism.

For this very reason, praise of God is incumbent upon us in pain and in distress: we are obliged to praise God because all that befalls us must be a benefit from Him. These sufferings of ours are a blessing to us. Because of them we beware that mine of misery, which is Hell, and come to that eternal mine of delight, which is Paradise. ’38 This verse makes clear that since we know God’s favours to us are uncountable, if we repeat and count …39 [some small part of them, we will give thanks for His Emissary], a lamp in the darkness40 of disbelief and error, and a guide to people through the sending down of the Noble Book, by disclosing His Law full of wisdom41 – making plain what is lawful and what unlawful – by promulgating decrees and rulings, by inciting to justice and benevolence and warning against injustice and sin, by travelling in noble nature and sturdy character on the Straight Path to please God; as He says, ‘A day when people will rise before the Lord of the worlds …’42 And next [let us thank ʿAlī], the treasurer of the knowledge of the Book and Wisdom, the threshold of the most rigorous mysteries of the Law, [which are] ‘harsh to the impious’ – as He says, ‘harsh against unbelievers, merciful among themselves’43 – father of the Prophet’s household; 37.

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Between Reason and Revelation: Twin Wisdoms Reconciled. An annotated English translation of Nāṣir-i Khusraw’s Kitāb-i Jāmiʿ al-ḥikmatayn by Nasir Khusraw (auth.); Ormsby, Eric (trans.)

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