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By Michael P. DeJonge

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In Dietrich Bonhoefferas writings, Martin Luther is ubiquitous. Too frequently, even though, Bonhoefferas Lutheranism has been put aside with less argumentative paintings than is acceptable in mild of his sustained engagement with Luther. for that reason, Luther continues to be a principally untouched hermeneutic key in Bonhoeffer interpretation. In 'Bonhoeffer's Reception of Luther', Michael P. DeJonge provides Bonhoeffer's Lutheran Read more...


This learn considers the impression of Martin Luther's theology on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, with specific connection with justification, ecclesiology, the doctrine of the 2 kingdoms, and political ethics

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57 Anfechtung arises in part because of the twofold concept of God as judging and loving. , 69–70. Holl distinguishes between the two senses of “conscience” in his reply to Gogarten: “Gogarten always thinks of the conscience in terms of the accusing conscience. 4. 56 I rely on Assel’s interpretation of Holl’s distinction between syntheresis and conscientia, Der andere Aufbruch, esp. 152–6. 57 For an account of Anfechtung against the background of Luther’s understanding of conscience, itself presented against the background of late medieval theories of conscience, see Michael G.

He himself builds a bridge for us by his forgiveness. ” Luther’s heightened sensitivity to his own sinfulness and God’s demand for sinlessness allowed him to discover this second aspect of God, the forgiving and merciful aspect alongside the judging wrathful aspect. ”20 Luther’s discovery of the gospel in God’s mercy implied radical revisions to medieval theology and piety. As Holl tells it, Luther’s theological innovations were the logical consequences of his experience in conscience. , 33. , 42.

James Luther Adams and Walter F. Bense, trans. Fred W. Meuser and Walter R. Wietzke (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1977), 48. 15 “Conscience,’ for Holl, epitomizes the religious constitution of the ‘I’ by God in a contradictory conflict of the conscience,” Assel, Der andere Aufbruch, 140. Bonhoeffer faithfully represents Holl’s position when he writes that, for Holl, the conscience is the “place where God attests himself ” and “the place from which the human being understands himself and at the same time the place where his unity is founded,” “Inaugural Lecture,” DBWE 10:400.

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