Ethan Skemp's Book of Spirits (World of Darkness) PDF

By Ethan Skemp

ISBN-10: 1588464903

ISBN-13: 9781588464903

A Settings e-book meant to be used In the entire Wod Product strains. hugely expected.

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Bedford himself was in a comatose state bordering on death, but a medical examination revealed no signs of a struggle, no illness, no signs of organ failure due to stress or inner trauma. Through judicious bribery and subtle questioning, the Coalition has learned of this. They believe that their leader was partially successful, entering the Astral world as just soul matter but at the cost of his physical, mental and spiritual self. Soulless, the rest of John Bedford just lies in bed with no anima at all.

So what Harold suspects instead is actually close to the truth — some kind of creature comes to this place of suffering in order to feed from it. The idea he clings to is the possibility that the tall tree is the haunting ground for those Klan members long dead; the ghosts of those men righteously buried as Christians down in the town. He is not certain of it, but he hopes it hard enough that he’s beginning to convince himself. He now thinks that dead Klan members are coming to see and enjoy the place where people are still getting strung up the old-fashioned way.

During his career in uniform, he encountered the kinds of criminals and crime scenes any police officer in New York City can expect to deal with. When he became a homicide detective, things got much worse. Kieran has never seen a spirit, or felt one’s direct influence upon him. But what he can see is that some crimes just seem to happen because of the place and not the people. Every city has its bad parts of towns, its abandoned buildings, its haunted houses and its dangerous back alleys. But when his colleagues on the force joke about a “murder alley” where several prostitutes have turned up dead, or a “haunted” hotel room where three separate murderers coincidentally stayed in the weeks before they struck their victims, Leary sees the city’s sickness.

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Book of Spirits (World of Darkness) by Ethan Skemp

by John

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