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By Ian Knight

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On eleven January 1879 the British Empire went to conflict with the autonomous state of Zululand. The British expected a rapid and decisive victory, putting nice religion in glossy firepower; no plans have been made for suppressing the Zulu over a chronic interval, or for delivering protective positions from which to occupy Zulu territory. notwithstanding, the losses suffered at Isandlwana and Rorke’s glide speedy altered the British strategy; during the remainder of the conflict, the British fortified virtually each place they occupied in Zululand, from everlasting column depots to transitority halts. This name explores British shielding innovations hired through the warfare, and the way those with regards to modern engineering thought. one of the websites coated are Eshowe challenge Station, forts Pearson and Tenedos, and Rorke's float.

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