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It notes the decisions made during STS-107 in response to the bipod foam strike, and reveals how engineers’ concerns about risk and safety were competing with – and were defeated by – management’s belief that foam could OATC01 13 06/14/2005, 10:50 AM 14 Farjoun and Starbuck The insulating foam strikes the wing, making a hole in a reinforced carboncarbon panel. 7 seconds after launch. External Fuel Tank. A large cylindrical tank that holds cryogenic fuel for the orbiter's main engines. This is not reused but disintegrates as it falls back into the Indian Ocean.

The goal for the shuttle program in those years was to hold the line on spending without compromising safety. During his first term as Administrator, Goldin’s top priority was to support human space exploration, pushing research and development for this effort and abandoning more routine activities. On the other hand, he gave unqualified priority to the space station as the linchpin upon which NASA’s future depended. In 1997 there was an accident involving the Mir and as NASA had sent astronauts to Mir, some argued OATC02 31 06/14/2005, 10:51 AM 32 Farjoun that Mir’s accident indicated that NASA was not sufficiently committed to safety.

Flight Day 2. Bob Page, chair, Intercenter Photo Working Group to Wayne Hale, shuttle program manager for launch integration at Kennedy Space Center (in person). 2. Flight Day 6. Bob White, United Space Alliance manager, to Lambert Austin, head of the Space Shuttle Systems Integration at Johnson Space Center (by phone). 3. Flight Day 6. Rodney Rocha, co-chair of Debris Assessment Team to Paul Shack, manager, Shuttle Engineering Office (by email). Missed opportunities 1. Flight Day 4. Rodney Rocha inquires if crew has been asked to inspect for damage.

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