Siegfried Peters, Thomas Rose, Matthias Moser (auth.),'s Carbohydrates in Sustainable Development I PDF

By Siegfried Peters, Thomas Rose, Matthias Moser (auth.), Amélia P. Rauter, Pierre Vogel, Yves Queneau (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642148360

ISBN-13: 9783642148361

ISBN-10: 3642148379

ISBN-13: 9783642148378

Sucrose: A Prospering and Sustainable natural uncooked Material,By S. Peters, T. Rose, and M. Moser; Sucrose-Utilizing Transglucosidases for Biocatalysis, via I. André, G. Potocki-Véronèse, S. Morel, P. Monsan, and M. Remaud-Siméon; Difructose Dianhydrides DFAs) and DFA-Enriched items as practical meals, by way of C. Ortiz Mellet and J. M. García Fernández; improvement of Agriculture Left-Overs: high-quality natural chemical compounds from Wheat Hemicellulose-Derived Pentoses, by means of F. Martel, B. Estrine, R. Plantier-Royon, N. Hoffmann, and C. Portella; Cellulose and Derivatives from wooden and Fibers as Renewable assets of Raw-Materials, by means of J.A. Figueiredo, M.I. Ismael, C.M.S. Anjo, and A.P. Duarte; Olive Pomace, a resource for precious Arabinan-Rich Pectic Polysaccharides,By M. A. Coimbra, S. M. Cardoso, and J. A. Lopes-da-Silva; Oligomannuronates from Seaweeds as Renewable assets for the improvement of eco-friendly Surfactants,By T. Benvegnu and J.-F. Sassi; From typical Polysaccharides to fabrics for Catalysis, Adsorption, and Remediation, through F. Quignard, F. Di Renzo, and E. Guibal

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A representation of some exogenous acceptors recognized by the enzymes is shown the production of oligoalternans [87–89] which have been demonstrated to control efficiently enteric bacterial pathogens [90, 91]. Some of these oligosaccharides are also being evaluated for the prevention of type II diabetes and as anti-cariogenic sucrose substitutes [75]. Sucrose-Utilizing Transglucosidases for Biocatalysis 37 In addition to the synthesis of polysaccharides, the transglucosylation activity of GH family 13 amylosucrase from N.

43 References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 I. Andre´ (*), G. Potocki-Ve´rone`se, S. Morel, P. Monsan, and M. fr 26 I. Andre´ et al. 1 Introduction Carbohydrates and glycoconjugates find more and more applications in the food, feed, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic industries as stabilizers, bulking agents, immunostimulating agents, or prebiotic compounds able to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the human and animal gut [1].

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Carbohydrates in Sustainable Development I by Siegfried Peters, Thomas Rose, Matthias Moser (auth.), Amélia P. Rauter, Pierre Vogel, Yves Queneau (eds.)

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