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By Jason Patnode

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Create plausible CG personality versions with this distinct booklet and DVD package deal. the lovely colour photographs convey simply what you could in attaining, and the exact step by step tutorials convey precisely how you can in attaining them.Every procedure and tip is sponsored up with useful tutorials, utilizing the types, textures and video at the significant other DVD to provide a crash path to this important ability. Jason Patnode takes you from low to high-resolution modeling - assisting you span the distance among video game and picture abilities. in response to Maya 2008 and ZBrush 3.0.

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28. Extrude the front face of the ball forward to create the toe. FIGURE 2-82 Creating the toe. 55 Character Modeling with Maya and ZBrush 29. Use Edit MeshϾInsert Edge Loop Tool to create a new edge loop in the middle of the chest. Any time you add detail, you need to make sure to keep shaping the form of the character. Remember if you wait to start shaping the form, you will have a much harder time. At this stage, we’ve moved on to other sections of the body. It’s a good idea to work out the basic form for the entire character in the first pass.

44. Using component mode, adjust the newly added polygons to the proper shape of the hand. As always you want to continue shaping the polygons as added. FIGURE 2-96 Shaping the newly added polygons. 63 Character Modeling with Maya and ZBrush 45. Select the faces at the end of the hand and extrude them to the middle of the palm. Continue shaping as you work. The hand has an indentation in the palm, so you should adjust the new faces to account for this. Don’t add any extra detail though. FIGURE 2-97 64 Extrude to the middle of the palm.

51. Now we can start extruding the fingers. The base of the finger forms the first, and largest, knuckle. Select the faces at the base of the index finger and extrude them out to the second knuckle. The finger tapers as it nears the tip so be sure to resize the faces down as extrude. FIGURE 2-104 the index finger. 68 Extruding the first part of Overview of Maya 52. With the faces still selected, extrude out to the third knuckle. FIGURE 2-105 Extruding the second part of the index finger. 53. Extrude the faces again out to the tip of the finger.

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