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This Supplemental difficulties booklet offers extra difficulties to complement these within the scholar version of Chemistry: subject arid switch. those difficulties are supplied for every of the chapters for which extra mathematical difficulties will be important. so much chapters comprise 10-25 supplemental difficulties. chances are you'll use them as tests or assign them for homework. entire strategies are available in the back of the Supplemental difficulties ebook.

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MnO4Ϫ(aq) ϩ 8Hϩ(aq) ϩ 5eϪ 0 Mn2ϩ(aq) ϩ 4H2O(l) Cell reaction: 2CO2(g) ϩ 2Hϩ(aq) ϩ 2eϪ 0 H2C2O4(aq) E 0cell ϭ Cell reaction: b. Hg2ϩ(aq) ϩ 2eϪ 0 Hg(l) E 0cell ϭ Mn2ϩ(aq) ϩ 2eϪ 0 Mn(s) 2. Calculate the standard cell potential, E 0cell, for a Cell reaction: E 0cell ϭ c. Fe3ϩ(aq) ϩ 3eϪ 0 Fe(s) Copyright © Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Cr3ϩ(aq) ϩ 3eϪ 0 Cr(s) Cell reaction: d. Br2(g) ϩ 2eϪ 0 2BrϪ(aq) ϩ eϪ a. Pd͉Pd2ϩ E 0cell ϭ b. Hf ͉Hf 4ϩ E 0cell ϭ Auϩ(aq) cell composed of a Sn͉Sn2ϩ half-cell and each of these half-cells.

1-ethyl-2-methyl-5-propylbenzene 36 Chemistry: Matter and Change • Chapter 22 Supplemental Problems 24 CHAPTER SUPPLEMENTAL PROBLEMS The Chemistry of Life 1. Calculate the molecular masses of the follow- ing biological molecules. a. Lysine, NH2(CH2)4CHNH2COOH b. Fructose, CH2OHCO(CHOH)3CH2OH c. Oleic acid, CH3(CH2)7CHϭCH(CH2)7COOH eride are hydrolyzed by a strong base, such as NaOH. It takes 3 moles of NaOH to saponify each mole of triglyceride. How many moles of triglyceride can be saponified by 120 g of NaOH?

The decay of 37 18Ar by electron capture. 4. The decay of 38 19K by positron emission. 5. The decay of 93Tc 43 by gamma emission. Provide the missing term in each of the following equations. Copyright © Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 6. 115B ϩ 42He 0 147N ϩ 1 45 7. 45 20Ca ϩ 1p 0 21Sc ϩ 8. 157N ϩ 0 188O ϩ 11p Answer the following questions about half-life. 13. The half-life of 115 51Sb is 32 minutes. 0 hours? 6 14. 0 ϫ 10 years. 0 million years? 15. The isotope strontium-90 is produced during the testing of nuclear weapons.

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