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Optimum neurophysiologists and psychophysicists supply pertinent details at the nature of illustration on the earliest phases as this may constrain the disposition of all next processing. This processing is mentioned in different varieties of visible conception.


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We approached the first question by mapping the scotoma in the LGN at a time when the cortical scotoma had filled in. 01). In addition, there was a suggestion of a shift in receptive field position, from immediately inside to just outside the boundary of the lesion, though this shift was less than 1 The arrows in the top right indicate the relative positions of the receptive field centres of cells at nearby cortical sites recorded before and after the lesion, with the starting centre position of each receptive field indicated by the tail end of the arrow and the ending position by the arrow head.

Lennie: But to account for the ON system, there must be something in addition to bistratified cells; the sampling density of that system is too low to account for psychophysical estimates of the acuity of the S-cone system. Movshon: Would you therefore argue that there must be, close to the fovea, excitatory S-cone input to midget cells? Lennie: That would be my preference, but it’s not clear that that’s the case. The psychophysical measurements of central S-cone acuity require a pathway with a sampling sensitivity of perhaps 7 % of that of the achromatic system (giving acuity about a factor of three to four lower).

The answer is certainly not made obvious by attempting to relate the red-green physiological types of cell to the two mosaics. Shapley: When you say that the coverage factor is 1 from your results, you are basing it simply on all the cells that are ramifying within one sublamina of the IPL. So one would imagine that if there is any sort of subparcellation of that group into L-cone or M-cone centre types, the coverage would have to be less for that subtype. Dacey: Yes, that is exactly the case, and I think it is an important point.

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