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Degeneration of sensory receptors or of the nerves innervating them ends up in a sensory deficit. quite a few ideas were attempted for selling regrowth of sensory receptors, fairly within the eye and ear. the newest facts from experimental reports in animals are provided within the ebook together with functions of BDNF and CNTF within the eye and epidermal progress think about the ear.


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Kessler: But Lloyd Greene may be talking about whatever retrograde signal is activated by the receptor in the distal terminals. When a factor is given, it may first act right on the perikaryon or receptors close the cell body, but it may also be acting on distal terminals. I think that’s a likely reason for the prolonged activity. Rafl Why don’t you try to find out in in vitro experiments if intracellular N G F can act over a long time? You could remove the extracellular N G F and see how effective the residual intracellular N G F is.

We’ve looked at the MXI (breast cancer) and NCI-H460 (large cell lung carcinoma) cell lines. With IGF alone, given at the dosages that prevent vincristine neuropathy, we IGF-1 in neurodegenerative disorders 35 have not seen any exacerbation of tumour growth either in vitro or in vivo in those models. In fact, we’ve seen trends for enhanced tumour kill with the combination of IGF and vincristine. The only trivial explanation I would have for that is that somehow we’re recruiting cells into cycle, and therefore they are more susceptible to the chemotherapy.

There’s some other mechanism involved in its neuroprotective-like activity on these systems. We’ve looked at this in great detail. We don’t believe we’ve found a new system; CEP-1347 simply taps into an existing system. It doesn’t appear to involve Ras. On administration of this molecule to SY5Y cells, we see a phosphorylation of two major bands of p140 and p125. Those bands are only detected with active molecules. One of the p125 components is focal adhesion kinase. At the moment we are pursuing how this links into the overall effects of these molecules, both in vitro and in vivo.

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