Clausewitz and African War: Politics and Strategy in Liberia - download pdf or read online

By Isabelle Duyvesteyn

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Oil, diamonds, bushes, nutrition reduction - just some of the feedback recommend as reasons for African wars some time past decade.

Another set of feedback specializes in ethnic and extended family concerns. those monetary and ethnic or extended family factors contend that wars are particularly now not fought by means of states for political pursuits with in general traditional army capability, as initially instructed through Carl von Clausewitz within the nineteenth century. This research shows how replacement social companies to the country can be viewed as political actors utilizing struggle as a political instrument.

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Joining the NPFL would give them a gun and a certain measure of protection. In this way, the NPFL benefited from the mistakes of the government army. Second, concerning the interests of the factions, the following can be observed. First, political issues – in particular, who should rule the country – were important bones of contention among the protagonists in the war. The political domain was defined in negative terms of ‘no more Doe and his clique’. Taylor had the ambition of replacing Doe and becoming president of Liberia.

ULIMO managed to drive the NPFL out of most of the western part of Liberia. Under severe military pressure, Taylor agreed to a ceasefire in Cotonou, Benin, on 31 July 1993. ECOWAS had again applied pressure on Taylor’s regional backers to persuade them to end their support. 64 Soldiers from Tanzania and Uganda were sent to strengthen the ECOMOG troops. From March 1994 the ECOMOG forces started deploying throughout Liberia. After the Cotonou agreement a new interim government was established, the Liberian National Transitional Government (LNTG).

The chapter will conclude with some preliminary observations on the conflict. The protagonists The National Patriotic Front of Liberia and Charles Taylor The men forming the National Patriotic Front (NPFL) had gathered in neighbouring states, and Charles Taylor managed to bring these dissidents of diverse stock together in an invasion force. The NPFL had several UStrained soldiers in its ranks. Among them, Elmer Johnson, who led the operations in the field, had served as a US Marines paramedic in the 1982 Grenada invasion, and Prince Johnson, a Gio, who later was to leave the NPFL, had also trained with the US Marines and had served in the Liberian military.

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