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These stereoscopic photographs, of which one view is reversed in a mirror, were taken a t sea level in a cloud chamber 55 cm. long in a field of 2,650 gauss. They record the elastic ("knock-on") collision of a cosmic r a y meson with an atomic electron, and the collision belongs to the rare category in which the data permit an estimate of the mass of the incident particle. The conditions necessary for a mass deter­ mination restrict the significant material to collisions involving nearly maximum energy transfer from in­ cident particles of momentum not greater than about 2μα (μ = particle mass); for the normal meson beam less than 0-1% of tracks in this apparatus undergo suitable collisions.

48, 464 (1935)] was of wood with a gas-tight copper foil lining, and was 35 cm. square by 18 cm. deep, the illuminated depth being 8 cm. I t was used with argon and alcohol a t an expansion ratio of 1-09. The photograph shows photon-derived groups of 2, 2 and 5 particles and an electron-derived group of 9 particles. These correspond broadly to entrant energies of the order 100-400 MeV. , the portion of shower examined here must be either from the fringe of a very large shower or from a shower far past its maximum.

4 Roches ter-Wilson, Cloud chamber photographs. I t is useful to compare this track with the expected appearance of protons and electrons. , a proton would have range less t h a n 1 mm. An electron of this curvature would be near minimum ionization, and of range more t h a n 30 m. A positively charged meson is expected to decay when it comes to rest, without the possibility of nuclear capture, but the photograph does not give certain evidence of decay. , and the track above the plate is about 3 times minimum ; the track of a decay electron is thus expected to be extremely thin.

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