Gregory Baum's Compassion and Solidarity: The Church for Others PDF

By Gregory Baum

ISBN-10: 0887848516

ISBN-13: 9780887848513

Within the forthright sort that has earned him a name for controversy, theologian Gregory Baum offers the hot religion and Justice flow in a variety of church buildings — specifically the Roman Catholic Church — including the enormous competition to it.

He discusses why many Christians have gotten activists, turning their religion into deeds by means of operating for the liberation of the negative. He argues for a brand new ecumenism, allowing a extra consultant opinion in the Church and, in a bigger experience, for what he believes are the basics of a "just society."

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110 = D. Rieder, Targum Jonathan ben Uziel on the Pentateuch copied from the London MS [British Museum add. 27031] (Jerusalem 1974) = MS Vatican Ebr. 440 = MS Jewish Theological Seminary—E. N. Adler Collection 2755, fol. 2 22 chapter two Neof: Neof gl: ‫לא גבר קטלת דאתקטל מן בגללה‬ ‫ולא עולם חבלת דיתחבלון זרעיתי מן בתרי‬ ‫ ולא‬. . ‫לא גבר‬ O: Neither have I slain a man, on whose account I bear a sin; nor have I wounded a young man, on whose account my offspring will be destroyed. TJ1, Neof: Neither have I slain a man, in whose stead [on whose account] I shall be slain; nor have I wounded a young man, because of whom [that] my offspring be lost [destroyed].

A. Shinan ‫[ מקרא אחד תרגומים הרבה‬The Biblical Story as Reflected in its Aramaic Translations] (Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 1993), pp. 117–20. All of the Palestinian targumim share the same basic text with minor variations, including censorship to the allusion to Rome and the bracketed phrases. 24 The Palestinian targumim are even more explicit and expansive. The simple command “you shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk” has been transformed into a tripartite legal exposition: 1. a hortatory opening, reflecting the synagogal Sitz im Leben of these targumim, ‫“ עמי עמי בית ישראל‬O My people, My people, House of Israel”; 2.

P: . . ‫לא חיות ברא אכלתיה ולא איתקטלא איתקטל ברי‬ V, N, L: ‫לא חיות ברא אכלת יתיה ולא מיתקטלא איתקטל ברי‬ . . ‫יוסף‬ Neof: ‫חיוה בישא אכלת יתה קטולין אתקטל יוסף‬ 2755: ‫[ ברי‬sic] ‫[ חיות ברה אכלת יתה ולא מתקטל אתקטל‬sic] ‫לא‬ MdW D: ‫לא מתקטלא אתקטל יוסף ברי ולא חיותא בישתא אכלת‬ ‫יתה ארום–אלא–הן איתא בישא קיימא לקבליה דהיא‬ ‫מתילה בחיות ברא ברם רחיץ אנא ברבון כל עלמיא י'י‬ –‫דהוא משיזיב יתיה מן ידיה דאיתתא ומחווה יתי סבר‬ ‫אפוי דיוסף ברי בשלם עד דאנא בחיין‬ O: TJ1: O, Neof: A wild beast has devoured him; Joseph has surely been killed.

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