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By Oliver Graute

ISBN-10: 158846122X

ISBN-13: 9781588461223

To stroll the size and breadth of post-apocalypse Europe to monitor and checklist all of the creatures of the Dreamseed. This magazine is Friar Domenico's file and sketches of his seven years of commute tendered to the NeoBaptist Pope in order that the church at its angelic orders could greater be aware of the creatures that plague the world.

Creatures of the Dreamseed is a sublime magazine written in personality and by way of a wide appendix that gives D20 information for all of the Dreamseed creatures.

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Not to mention, it ain’t just any old train: it’s a Speeding Train d8. Now it’s your turn. Pretend you’re Wash for a second, who is flyin’ Serenity. Take Serenity’s Engines Attribute and Wash’s Fly Skill. That’s a d10 and a d12. Since the Firefly class is a transport ship, take another d6 for his Fly (Transports) specialty. Now, if you’re worried those three dice won’t do, add another d8 to your dice pool to represent Wash’s role in the Crew, his Distinction Ship’s Pilot. Roll all four dice, take the best two results of the lot, then add ’em right up.

SIGNATURE ASSETS Tractor Beam 8 d8 Advanced Medsuite Holding Cells d8 8 d8 8 Long-Range Comms Array 42 d8 Not only do you have a fancy Alliance-sanctioned medsuite, d8 8 FURTHER ADVENTURES What would’ve happened if Mal didn’t stop the Survivor from murderin’ Commander Harken? Or if Harken would’ve bound the entire crew by Law and managed to report them to the Central Authority? Here are a few adventures inspired by this episode. MEET THE FARMERS The settlers were headed for the Kalidasa System to help the Alliance settle the Rim.

Many die. ” Suspicious on account of Niska’s chatter, you look up Paradiso on the Cortex and find out that dozens of people are dying. You also see a flag that clearly identifies the Alliance cargo and when it was taken. Seems you stole the only medicine that could fix ’em and you didn’t even know it. What’ll you do? Will you and your Crew try to make things right? If so, how? Try to steal the cargo back from Niska? Find another source for the meds? Some other brilliant plan? A MITE SUSPICIOUS Niska threatened Mal when he first got the job by dropping the word “reputation,” and showing him what would happen if he failed.

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