De Broglie's Armada: A Plan for the Invasion of England, - download pdf or read online

By Sudipta Das

ISBN-10: 0761843957

ISBN-13: 9780761843955

The current research represents the 1st released translation and research of an interesting scheme of invasion of the British Isles that shaped the root of all later invasion plans drawn up within the ivory towers of French international relations.

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Such people have made their decision. In effect, they want to be free; they want to exist alone, and their plan of commerce is to open their ports to all nations. 17 This plan, as audacious and extreme as it can appear, is the only one that might save her, it would have been easier without doubt last year, but her mis- Broglie’s First Mémoire 31 fortune only made it more indispensable the following year, and only a total weakness might prevent it. By making this decision, peace with her colonies—which we have demonstrated as so burdensome and so difficult to negotiate—becomes easier and smoother; the English nation can thus without humiliation recognize the independence, her pride is sheltered behind the necessity of the circumstances; she renounces separating herself from her children, her brothers, her compatriots in order to unite and turn against her natural enemies who profited from her distress and against whom she will not fail to avenge her grievances.

The King of Prussia is opposed to the departure of troops from Auspack, and finally, in the crisis where the Empire finds itself, it is not the moment for England to conclude new treaties. Given England’s impossibility to continue the war on land with an army strong enough to suppress America, she could limit herself to a naval war mixed with destruction and incursions on the coast without attempting to penetrate any further into the country, but this type of war will oblige her to have at least 20,000 troops stationed in New York and the neighboring islands, Canada, Halifax, etc.

There only remain 15,000 trained troops in the three realms of Gibraltar, Minorca, and the Isle of Wight. Will she dismantle them under the current circumstances? 14 First of all, one knows that this movement of zeal has diminished greatly, but if it would subsist and if these levies would eventually be completed, is it during the journey that they would be trained and hardened to war? 15 Will the English procure foreign troops? The last campaign especially disgusted the German youth. With the disaster of Bourgoin having ramifications in large part upon the people of Brunswick, Hessse will not want to weaken herself; the landgrave received on this point very lively representations from the states of the country, and the Electorate of Hanover would easily have still 10,000 to 12,000 men to furnish, but England feels that there are more pressing and essential needs for which it is necessary to reserve them.

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