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By Pete Draper

Get the main real looking results from 3ds Max with no need to spend extra on plug-ins!Boost your results skill-set with this 3ds Max workshop. instructional classes provide you with hands-on adventure in developing practical hearth, earth, air and water results. up to date to illustrate construction concepts compatible for any model of 3ds Max, this new version is co-published via Autodesk Media and leisure, and comprises new tutorials on coming into the Earth's surroundings, glaciers, lava eruptions and a Badlands panorama.

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Turn off Auto Key. 7 33 34 FIRE Information: We have started with one of the polygons in this ring selected with the Volume Select so that the particles begin emitting immediately. If this is not what you want, you could offset the animation slightlyso there is a delay before ignition. We are animating the selection around this object as this is how the flame ignition starts when the gas is ignited (again, see the reference material). W i t h t h e source geometry complete, next w e will design t h e material t h a t is t o b e assigned t o each part o f t h e flame.

PART TWO: Next we will animate a basic mesh t o distribute the particles around our hob. Select the Flame Emitter object in the scene. Add a Volume Select modifier t o its modifier stack and set the Stack Selection Level t o Face. Check on Invert in the Selection Method section and set the Selection Type t o Crossing. Select the Volume Select's Gizmo sub-object and reposition i t down slightly in the Top Viewport so that the top most piece of geometry is selected. Go t o frame 10 and enable Auto Key.

To do this, we can create a template object using 3epending scattered spheres over a larger sphere to generate a basic shape of fire, f l a m e s - - ~ ~ - ~ d ~ e ~ what the puff should look like. We can then use this object in a smoke stack Blobmesh object to smooth out the surface of the scattered object and create one solid mesh. This object can then be used in a long 1due to theldensity of the smoke, a be s&n around the and thin particle system (to simulate the fire having already spread lar when illuminated fd out) which has a low speed and slight divergence, just to get the hting in the environ~ particles on their way and to create a little bit of random motion.

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