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By C. E. Rolt

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1920. Dionysius was once St. Paul's Athenian convert. here's neo-Platonism at its most sensible! Chapters: approximately Dionysius; His major principles; the character of the Godhead in Itself; Its Relation to construction; the matter of Evil; Contemplation; Dionysius and glossy Philosophy; The Psychology of Contemplation; The Scriptural foundation of His Doctrines; end; Bibliography.

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I Cor. ii. 6; Phil. iii. 15). τῶν θεουμένων θεαρχιά. , p. 39. The soul must turn away from the complex world of sense and have only one desire—the desire for God. Thus it becomes concentrated as it were, and so is in a simple and unified state. Cf. Matt. vi. 22. , p. 25 i. e. So far as we are capable of receiving this communication. ἐκφαντορικῶς καὶ ὑμνητικῶς. e. God’s differentiated activities. Since the ultimate Godhead is ineffable, Scripture can only hint at its Nature by speaking of Its manifestations in the relative sphere.

Actually godlike because man is deified by them. 165 See Myst. Theol. I. 2; and cf. Matt. vii. 6. 166 περὶ ἡνωμένης καὶ διακεκριμένης θεολογίας καὶ τίς ἡ θεία ἕνωσις καὶ διάκρισις. 167 The point of this section is that God’s Nature is not a sum total of separate Attributes. Therefore when we say that the Scriptural titles of God are only symbols and that the ultimate Godhead transcends them, we do not mean that they express only a part of His Nature (for His Nature has no parts), but that they dimly suggest His whole Nature.

26. 175 John v. 21. 176 John vi. 63. 177 2 Cor. iii. 17. 178 1 Chron. xxix. 14. 179 Rom. xi. 36. 180 Ibid. 181 Ps. civ. 30. 182 John x. 30. 183 John xvi. 15. 184 John xvii. 10. e. That we are seeking to destroy the distinction between the Persons of the Trinity. 170 37 Dionysius the Areopagite: On the Divine Names and the Mystical Theology. E. Rolt if he recks not of the Holy Wisdom drawn from the Scriptures, how can he reckon aught of that method by which we would conduct him to an understanding of things Divine?

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