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By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

"Discrimination," the most well liked buzz observe within the information media at the present time, is getting used to cower the strong and stike worry into company, undefined, schooling, golf equipment, contributors, and the "politically correct." It has turn into whatever to prevent in any respect bills, that are now operating into the billsions. Having now turn into against the law, "discrimination" is affecting all the things of lifestyles. learn the way you could wrestle this assault within the components of Prejudice, fact, Bibliaphobia, God, and the Mafia precept.

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Any man crazy enough— and that is the right word for it— to think that living in downtown De­ troit is as safe as living on a farm in Hale County, Alabama is a candidate for the funny farm . Hispanics in Miami do not think, believe, react, respond, DISCRIMINATION AND “PREJUDICE’ 29 or talk like the German farmers in M innesota and Wisconsin; and if you don’t know that, it is either because you have an IQ of 60 or you are ready for the bug house. A man who cannot discriminate the difference between Michael Jackson and Ludwig Von Beethoven, or between Charlie Pride and Jussi Bjoerling, is not safe on the streets.

I will il­ lustrate: you put a “street tax” (1900) on every busi­ ness on a street. This is called the “protection racket” in FBI and police files. It is H itler’s SS (Protective Staff— Schutzen Staffel) or E isen ­ hower’s OSHA or, in 1993, an environmental agency to “protect” the environment. Once the sucker is depending on you for protection, he owes you alle­ giance. Now you can give him orders: he is con­ trolled. ” A1 Capone’s street tax came to a neat little $17,000,000 annually. In 1611, the King James translators gave it out like this: “the borrower is servant to the lender” (Prov.

Thinking has stopped in America. It has been stopped by government regulations. The federal judges have ruled that “thinking” is out. ” The Con­ stitution is out. In 1992, it is a joke. One word did the job for America; it had emo­ tional appeal coupled with psychotic content. That word was DISCRIMINATION. It is the lever by which the lid was pried off the entire nation to let in the most immoral jungle culture that ever destroyed a nation. , the federal garrison occupying Fort Sumter— which was on South Carolina property, not any property in the District o f Columbia.

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