Terry A. Tattar's Diseases of Shade Trees. Revised Edition PDF

By Terry A. Tattar

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This revised version keeps the transparent, nontechnical layout of the 1st, and covers the infectious illnesses of colour bushes, the foremost pathogens that reason them, and noninfectious ailments and their brokers. detailed issues contain nonpathogenic stipulations, illness prognosis, and tree injection and implantation. complete sickness keep an eye on protocols, an in depth dialogue of sickness analysis, and tree ailments of the western and southern usa are one of the helpful additions to this commonly used textual content and reference. this can be an important ebook for arboriculturists and scholars of aboriculture.

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The spots enlarge rapidly and turn dark brown and then black. Brown streaks can be seen on the wood as the infection spreads to small branches. This disease can be confused with fire blight or late-frost injury. Cankers with accompanying gum exudation are often produced on stone fruit hosts. Disease Cycle Lilac shoot blight is caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae (Fig. 6). The pathogen is dormant in infected tissue during the winter. Invasion of healthy tissue from the infected areas, however, can occur whenever the bark of the tree becomes warm, such as by the sun on the southwest side of the tree.

Agrios. (1977). Plant pathology. ] 50 5. Viruses healthy tree is pruned with the same pruning tools (especially hand tools), without disinfection, that had previously been used on a virus-infected tree, the virus may be transmitted to the healthy tree. Viruses may also be spread by nematodes during feeding, in a manner analogous to insect transmission, but this means of spread is rare. Other infrequent means of transmission are viruses carried in the seed, or in some cases, transmitted by the pollen of an infected plant during fertilization of the flower.

LITERATURE CITED Hearon, S. , J. L. Sherald, and S. J. Kostka. (1980). Association of xylem-limited bacteria with elm, sycamore, and oak leaf scorch. Can. ]. Bot. 58, 1986-1993. Kostka, S. , T. A. Tattar, and J. L. Sherald. (1985). Suppression of bacterial leaf scorch symptoms in American elm through oxytetracycline microinjection. /. Arbori. 11, 54-58. Kostka, S. , T. A. Tattar, J. M. Sherald, and S. S. Hurtt. (1986). Mulberry leaf scorch, new disease caused by a fastidious xylem-inhabiting bacterium.

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