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Glance contained in the global of animals with DK's advisor to Mammals, an all-star collecting of apes, elephants, whales, bears, cats, canine, and lots of extra of people' closest family members within the animal country. DK's singular, arresting visible type is driven to the bounds during this quantity, which was once conceived, written, and designed for curious younger zoologists through a group of specialists within the box.

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With its teeth bared, ears flat, and head down, this gray wolf is signaling both defensiveness and aggression. Gray wolves are the largest wild dogs, and are up to twice the size of domestic Alsatians. DK GUIDE TO MAMMALS SOCIAL LIVES F OR MANY MAMMALS, life is easier if they stay together. Living in a social group is often a good form of defense—predators find it very difficult to sneak up unseen when there are dozens of eyes on the lookout for danger. Pack hunters, like dogs, hyenas, and lions, can take on bigger prey by pooling their strength and working as a team.

Largest recorded weight: 196 tonnes (193 tons). Bigger examples may exist. Biggest land mammal African elephant. 5 tons). Tallest mammal Giraffe. Tallest recorded length: 6 m (20 ft). Smallest mammal Bumblebee (Kitti’s hog-nosed) bat. 3 in). Fastest land mammal Cheetah. Fastest speed recorded: 105 kph (65 mph). Slowest land mammal Three-toed sloth. 17 mph). Largest litter Common tenrec. Largest number recorded: 32 (30 survived), although normal litter size is 15. Longest gestation period Indian elephant.

TOOTHED WHALES Scientists divide whales and dolphins into two major categories: toothed whales and baleen whales. The toothed whales include dolphins, porpoises, killer whales, and several other types of whale. All of them are intelligent predators, with sharp, peglike teeth for snatching slippery prey like fish and squid. Killer whales even leap onto beaches to grab sea lions. BALEEN WHALES Dolphins live in social groups called pods. They often swim in formation and leap out of the water together.

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