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How do bears trap fish from a river? How will we support endangered species? This ebook lets you realize the large number of mammals that roam our planet - from lions at the African plains to underwater sealions. It follows their dating rituals, herd existence and hibernation styles and incorporates a part on our evolutionary courting with primates.

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LIVING KITE The colugo of Southeast Asia looks like a kite as it glides. Its furry gliding membrane stretches from the tips of its fingers to the tip of its tail. It is so huge and floppy that the animal is clumsy on its feet and almost helpless on the ground. For extra protection from predators, the colugos’ fur is speckled for camouflage on lichen-covered branches. Colugos are also called flying lemurs, though they aren’t lemurs and they can’t truly fly. 48 Babies cling tightly to the mother’s stomach, while the mother’s furry cloak forms a warm hammock for the baby.

Whales and dolphins, on the other hand, probably evolved from a relative of the hippopotamus. Dugongs grub about on the sea floor for the roots of an aquatic plant called sea grass. 53 DK GUIDE TO MAMMALS MARSUPIALS W brought the first opossum to Europe in the 16th century, the king of Spain in wonder put his finger in its pouch. Scholars called the pouch a “marsupium,” meaning purse, and so this mammal group became known as the marsupials. In fact, not all marsupials have a pouch, but most do give birth to tiny babies that develop outside the mother’s body.

Camouflage A pattern, colour or body shape that helps an animal hide by blending in with its surroundings. Carnivore An animal that `zeats flesh. Also, a member of the mammalian order Carnivora. Convergent evolution The independent evolution of similar features in different animals, such as wings in bats and birds. Echolocation Seeing by sound. Bats and dolphins echolocate by producing special sounds and analysing the echoes. Herbivore An animal that mainly eats plant food. Hibernation A type of very deep sleep in which an animal’s body systems almost shut down to help it conserve energy.

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