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Bat biologist Barbara A. Schmidt-French and author Carol A. Butler provide a compendium of insightful evidence approximately bats during this available and expertly written question-and-answer quantity. Numbering multiple thousand species in our international at the present time, bats within the wild are typically unthreatening. Like such a lot different mammals, bats are curious, affectionate, or even playful with one another.

Highly precious animals, bats are severe to worldwide ecological, fiscal, and public well-being. Do Bats Drink Blood? illuminates the function bats play within the environment, their advanced social habit, and the way they drift throughout the evening sky utilizing their acute hearingùecholocation abilities that experience helped within the improvement of navigational aids for the blind. own in voice with the viewpoint of a talented bat researcher, this ebook explores wideranging themes in addition to universal questions humans have approximately bats, delivering a trove of attention-grabbing facts.

Featuring infrequent colour and black-and-white photos, together with a few through popular biologist, photographer, and writer Merlin Tuttle, Do Bats Drink Blood? presents a accomplished source for basic readers, scholars, academics, zoo and museum lovers, farmers and orchardists, or a person who may possibly stumble upon or be excited about those outstanding animals.

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Scientists are now paying attention to bat breath to determine what vampire bats last ate. Vampire bats in Costa Rica feed on rain-forest mammals like tapirs and peccaries, but also feed on the blood of cattle. The rain-forest mammals feed on different plants than those on which cattle feed, and the plants can be distinguished by their carbon isotopes (chemical compounds). By analyzing the isotopes in the carbon dioxide a bat exhales as it breathes, scientists are able to determine the animal on which the vampire bat recently fed.

Because their diet lacks fats and carbohydrates, vampire bats are not able to store energy for very long and they can starve to death if they go for only two nights without feeding. A vampire bat drinks about two tablespoons (about thirty milliliters) of blood each night and will sometimes share a blood meal with another vampire bat that did not have a successful night’s hunting by regurgitating blood into the hungry bat’s mouth. The thin, stretchy walls of the vampire bat’s stomach expand after a blood meal, so the bat appears bloated and is sometimes unable to fly without resting for a while.

Huge vacuums are used to suck guano out of some of these caves and into trucks during times of the year when the bats are not present. The guano is then packaged and sold in nurseries as fertilizer to grow vegetables, fruits, and ornamental flowers. Bat guano is also a source of nutrition for many organisms, including insects, crustaceans, fungi, and bacteria. In 2005, Danté Fenolio at the University of Oklahoma discovered that an amphibian, the blind grotto salamander (Eurycea spelaea) living in a cave in northeast Oklahoma, also feeds on bat guano.

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