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By Elisabet Sahtouris

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As we will see, planetary life is not something that happens here and there on a planet -- it happens to the planet as a whole. The largest new molecules probably formed in shallow waters with the help of Sunlight and lightning storms, or perhaps with the help of the Earth’s internal energy around cracks in the Earth’s crust on the sea floor. Even the Sun’s drying heat at the water’s edge may have played a role in forming large molecules and packaging them. Large molecules, such as naturally forming sugars and acids, absorbed a lot of electrical energy, which was then useful in speeding up their chemical reactions to form ever larger molecules -- giant molecules built from the simpler sugars and acids.

Though clever species of bubblers survived by hiding from oxygen, they were no longer the main kind of monera. Bluegreens invented enzymes, which made the oxygen they produced harmless to themselves. Some also learned to make ultraviolet Sunscreens, as we make Sunglasses and chemicals to protect ourselves from Sunburn. These were able to live successfully in stronger Sunlight, where they could make plenty of food. Others solved the problem of ultraviolet burn by living together in thick colonies.

The thin atmosphere is often reddish with smog produced by the reactions of its own gases. Lightning flashes, and seas form during heavy rains until masses of land and sea become distinct, though the seas are brownish beneath the murky atmosphere. Slowly the crust thickens and cracks into plates that slide slowly over the surface, carrying the land masses into new patterns. Patches of colored microbes appear and grow along the shores; gradually a tougher but clearer atmospheric skin develops, making the seas turn a sparkling blue.

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