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By Philip C. Withers, Christine E. Cooper, Shane K. Maloney, Francisco Bozinovic, Ariovaldo P. Cruz Neto

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Mammals are the so-called "pinnacle" crew of vertebrates, effectively colonising nearly all terrestrial environments in addition to the air (bats) and sea (especially pinnipeds and cetaceans). How mammals functionality and live on in those various environments has lengthy interested mammologists, comparative physiologists and ecologists. 'Ecological and Environmental body structure of Mammals' explores the physiological Read more...


This e-book summarizes our present wisdom of the complicated and complex physiological versions that mammals supply for survival in a large choice of ecological and environmental contexts: Read more...

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The presence of a secondary palate in some advanced therapsids, in concert with the possibility of their having nasal turbinates, would have provided the structures required for nasal countercurrent water and heat exchange, concomitant with their small size and high metabolic and ventilation rates. g. nutrients, wastes, hormones) and heat throughout the body. The circulatory system consists of the heart, which generates the pressure required to drive blood flow, and the systemic and pulmonary circuits.

Multituberculates, triconodonts, and docodonts) were often placed with monotremes in the Prototheria, but it is now apparent that this conglomerate ‘Prototheria’ is not a monophyletic group (Johanson 2006). So, how do we know that the early mammals that appeared in the Jurassic were indeed mammals? How do we decide at which step along the lineage from therapsids to modern mammals was the ‘first’ mammal? We must look to the bony characteristics of mammals for more definitive characters of other than living mammals.

The mammalian ‘double-circuit’ heart can’t be easily derived from a reptilian pattern. g. g. Holmes 1975). The ‘doublecircuit’ heart of mammals and birds evolved independently, so their functional similarities with respect to the demands of endothermy and aerobic activity are remarkable examples of convergence.  2012a,b). Amphibians and reptiles, in contrast, have a slow-conducting atrioventricular muscle septum, and a trabecular spongy muscular ventricle (like fishes, and embryonic mammals and birds).

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