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By Adrian Jobson

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The 13th century witnessed a sustained improvement within the dimension and jurisdiction of English royal executive. This progress is the topic of the essays amassed during this e-book. Written through a mix of confirmed and upcoming students, the papers are coherently formulated round 3 primary topics: the improvement of significant govt, legislations and justice, and the crown and the localities. subject matters tested inside of this framework contain paperwork and enrolment below John and his contemporaries; the 13th century English Royal Chancery; the difference of the Exchequer in keeping with the swiftly altering calls for of the crown within the 13th century; the advent of a licensing approach for mortmain alienations; the management of neighborhood justice; ladies as sheriffs within the 13th century; and a Nottinghamshire examine studying the tensions among the function of the king as a manorial lord and as a monarch. Contributing new insights into the internal workings of royal management through the 13th century, this paintings highlights the continued vibrancy of the tutorial research of administrative historical past and its value in our total realizing of medieval English society.

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At the apex of the system, acting as the final place of resort in disputes between tenants and overlords was the monarch. Yet the king himself held land directly in demesne. This created a tension in the role of the king as a manorial lord and as monarch which proved a dilemma for the crown and its tenants. If a tenant was in dispute with the crown, how could they obtain effective redress when the defendant was also the ‘fount of justice’. David Crook’s article discusses these tensions in detail and how royal tenants defended their rights against the crown and its officials.

Clovis Brunel (Paris, 1955), 193–208. 59 See here the abstracts of the unpublished portions of the Red Book, in Red Book, i. 103–4, 107, 115–24, 134. The contents of the Black Book are published in full by Hearne, Liber Niger. 60 For the Gascon register and calendar, see Gascon Register A (Series of 1318–19), ed. P. Cuttino, 3 vols (Oxford, 1975); The Gascon Calendar of 1322, ed. P. , lxx, 1949). qxd 4/29/04 8:48 AM Page 29 Bureaucracy and Enrolment under John and his Contemporaries 29 would appear, than were preserved in the royal archives of France, or indeed in the almost equally impressive archives of Champagne, Burgundy or Flanders, copied into cartularies at much the same time that the English exchequer registers were being compiled.

28 The Registrum Antiquissimum of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln, vol. 1, ed. W. 120: in Quadragesima ad scaccarium apud Lundonia, et scripta fuit quietancia in rollo, not noticed by Richardson. The quittance in question is duly noted in the PR 8 Henry II, 19, drawn up at Michaelmas 1162. However, the Lincoln memorandum appears quite explicitly to refer to a roll written in the exchequer in Lent 1162. 29 Dialogus, 62, 65: rotulus qui exactoribus dicitur quem quidem nominant breue de firmis. , 70 (minores quique perambulantium iudicum rotuli), 77–8 (rotuli errantium), and cf.

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