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By Guido di Prisco, Eva Pisano, Andrew Clark

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The Antarctic fish fauna has advanced over an extended interval of geographic and climatic isolation. during this evolution, Antarctic fish have constructed really good variations, a few of which represent those organisms as specific. In powerful distinction to the continental shelf faunas somewhere else, the Antarctic shelf ichthyofauna is ruled via a unmarried hugely endemic team, the Notothenioidei. This team of perciform fish most likely first seemed and different within the early Tertiary. the advance of the Polar entrance (referred to because the Antarctic Convergence within the older literature) ended in a normal oceanographic barrier to migration in both path, and therefore turned a key think about the evolution of Antarctic fish. The dominance of the Antarctic continental shelf fauna by way of a unmarried taxonomic team of fish presents a simplified usual laboratory for exploring the wealth of physiological, biochemical and ecological diversifications that represent the fauna. knowing of the styles of model during this hugely really good team of fish can let us know a lot approximately of evolution.

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Table 1. Reproductive parameters of 59 marine fish species. e. e. boreal and polar (Arctic and Antarctic combined). BL = body length (mm); ED = egg diameter (mm); EV = egg volume (mm\ FEC = fecundity (no. ind- I); MO = maternal output (mm3 ind- I); na = data not available. S. Christiansen et al. Table 1. 19 MO 238314 9924769 545665 29674620 3094 69485 11664 421080 Polar - Arctic Boreogadus saida [own data] Boreogadus saida [3] Boreogadus saida [3] Liopsetta glacia/is [14] Demersal spawners Boreal Mallotus vii/os us vil/osus [27] Anarhichas lupus lupus [3] Anarhichas minor [28] Anarhichas minor [28] Anarhichas denticulatus [3] Myoxocephalus scorpius scorpius [3] Artediellus camchaticus [29] Artediellus atlanticus [30] Artediellus at/anticus [30] Artediellus atlanticus [30] Triglops murrayi [15] Agonus cataphractus [3] Liparis Iiparis [3] Liparis montagui [3] Paraliparis abyssorum [31] Lycodes esmarkii [15] Lycodes vahlii gracilis [15] Cyclopterus lumpus [3] Lumpenus lampretaejormisb [15] Leptoclinus maculatus maculatus [15] na na na 1886 13941 na na 1888 100 194112 700 920 164534 6548 1787055 188 1626 Polar - Antarctic Pleuragramma antarcticum [32] Pleuragramma antarcticum [32] Dissostichus mawsoni [11] Dissostichus mawsoni [II] Harpagifer antarcticus [11] Harpagifer antarcticus [11] Nototheniops nudifrons [11] 4315 13181 17774 74480 471900 15819598 1343380 55946090 400 3274 1000 8184 544 2280 45 Maternal Output in Polar Fish Reproduction Table 1.

Pol Polar Res 4 (1-4):79-95 35. Targett T E, Young K E, Konecki J T, Grecay P A (1987) Research on wintertime feeding in Antarctic fishes. Antarct JUS 22 (1/2):211-213 36. Hubold G (1992) Zur Okologie der Fische im Weddellmeer. Ber Polarforsch 103:1-157 (in German) 37. Clarke A (1988) Seasonality in the Antarctic environment. In: di Prisco, G, Maresca B, Tota B (eds), Marine biology of Antarctic organisms, Proceedings of the International Conference, Ravello, Italy, Comp Biochem PhysioI90B:461-473 38.

Br Antarct Surv Bull 60:45-61 33. Hubold G, Hagen W (1997) Seasonality of feeding and lipid content in juvenile Pleuragramma antarcticum (Pisces: Nototheniidae) in the southern Weddell Sea. In: Battaglia B, Valencia J, Walton, D W H (eds), Antarctic communities - species, structure and survival, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp 277-283 34. Linkowski T B, Presler P, Zukowski C (1983) Food habits of nototheniid fishes (Nototheniidae) in Admiralty Bay (King George Island, South Shetland Islands).

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