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By W. F. Floyd, F. T. C. Harris (auth.), John R. Gregg, F. T. C. Harris (eds.)

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Men of technological know-how are often mistrustful of or not less than impatient with philosophy. certainly one of them, himself no stranger to challenging inspiration, used to be sooner or later heard to touch upon his colleagues in one other school and on their propensity to bask in what he referred to as "all this nonsense approximately thinking". in contrast could be set a gathering of philosophers who made up our minds to debate the second one legislation of Thermodynamics. whilst requested sardonically via a scientist whether or not they had disproved it, one of many philosophers answered: "No, we now have concluded that it isn't a lot fake as which meansĀ­ much less" . This curious visual appeal of pass reasons displays whatever greater than mere captiousness or false impression. As to the "nonsense approximately thinking", it's completely precise that an over the top formalisation of arguĀ­ ments doesn't frequently help transparent pondering a great deal. a lot of people will be nonplussed via a proper logical workout of the kind: all A is B, Cis B: is C for this reason A? yet equate A to Frenchman, C to Germans and B to Europeans, and tht:y might by no means run the slightest possibility of going astray.

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What rational grounds can there possibly be for choosing between two internally consistent theories if neither has empirical consequences? Here we have an answer, at least for the present context. The pressure of experience urges us towards one rather than another because it, in turn, grew out of, or, at least, is such that it could have grown out of, the same sort of pressure of experience. Experiments, and our present theory, lead us to say that light behaves sometimes in a wave-like way, sometimes in a particle-like way, and that this is ultimate, admitting of no further explanation.

The concept of an earthquake is intrinsic, whereas being destroyed by one is an extrinsic property of the house. An extrinsic conc~:pt predicates an extrinsic property of a thing in virtue of its definition, not merely in virtue of the way it occurs in a proposition. Two of the three types of extrinsic concepts that will concern us have been discussed by philosophers often enough to have received names. They have been termed historical and teleological or functional concepts. For the previously unnamed third type I adopt the term "polytypic concept", and I shall callrhe class of things to which the concept applies a "polytypic class".

Suppose further that the resulting map is challenged: suppose someone protests that what the map reflects is not some original spacing of qualities in the dog's pre-experimental psyche or original fund of dispositions, but only a history of readjustments induced successively by the very experiments of the series. Now how would we rise to this challenge? Obviously, by repeating the experiments in a different order on another dog. If we get much the same map for the second dog despite the permutation, we have evidence that the map reflects a genuinely pre-experimental pattern of dispositions.

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Form and Strategy in Science: Studies Dedicated to Joseph Henry Woodger on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday by W. F. Floyd, F. T. C. Harris (auth.), John R. Gregg, F. T. C. Harris (eds.)

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