Peter J. Leithart's From Silence to Song: The Davidic Liturgical Revolution PDF

By Peter J. Leithart

ISBN-10: 159128001X

ISBN-13: 9781591280019

The controversy in lots of Reformed circles over worship tune is just a small a part of the bigger query of Reformed liturgics. each side admit that the recent testomony bargains fairly little guide on liturgy, and so the talk over the regulative precept keeps with it sounds as if little wish for answer. during this research, Peter Leithart's key perception unearths a well known scriptural instance of a liturgy that translates God's instructions for worship in methods for extra biblically grounded than conventional regulativism permits. King David's tabernacle worship turns into a wealthy tale, not just in appreciate to liturgical knowledge, but additionally to the importance of Zion in fulfillments of the Christian period.

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When Solomon brought the ark from Zion to Moriah, he brought "all the holy utensils" with it (2 Chr. 5:5), but these implements are not listed or described. By the time the ark was set in the temple, the house was already furnished with an altar, the bronze sea, ten water basins, as well as "the golden altar, the tables with Bread of the Presence on them, the lampstands with their lamps of pure gold ... the flowers, the lamps, and the tongs ofgold, of purest gold; and the snuffers, rhe bowls, the spoons, and the firepans of pure gold" (2 Chr.

14:6; 14: 14), who was incorporated into dIe tribe ofJudah {Nwn. 13:6). 7 If"Gentiles" could be incorporated into other tribes, there would seem to be no bar to Gentiles being incorporated into the tribe of Levi. 000 males from a month and older (Num. 3:39), Levi was a small tribe when Israel came from Egypt. Yet, Levi's family could hardly have produced so many over the course of four generations in Egypt (Exod. 6: 14-27). " More specifically, Obed-edom received Levitical standing because he was so evidently approved by God for ministry before the -Jdttl'" B, Jorddn h"s fr"'lll"ntly mad" this point in his writin~' dlld I"ctur"s, 48 FRO~l '>ILENC[ TO SONG ark.

Yet, the city remained largely Gentile and certainly was a Gentile city in origin. Of course, Gibeonites had worked at the altar before, but had never cared for the ark. In fact, no Gentile had ever cared for the ark, apart from the Philistines, yet they mucked up the job pretty badly. How would the Gibeonites of Kiriath-jearim do? Specifically, the ark was placed in the house of Abinadab on the hill (1 Sam. 7: 1-2), who was almost certainly a Gentile himself. A few Israelites named Abinadab are mentioned in the Old Testament.

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