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By Dennis E. Smith

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The social historical past and theology of desk fellowship from Plato to the hot testomony

Table fellowship within the historic Mediterranean used to be greater than foodstuff intake. From Plato on down, banquets held a big position in growing group, sharing values, and connecting with the divine.

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What the vase paintings show is nm the common practice at banquets in general but an idealization of the banquet as an aristocratic, elite institution in Grttk imagination. Certainly some would aspire to emulate what the VllSC paintings picture, if they had the means. But much more common would be the usc of the banquet for a variety of social interactions. Michael Jameson, fo r example, imagines the usc of the dining room in the private house for such purposes as '"farm and business deals, marriage negotiations, politics on the local level and relating to rhe numerous cult organizations to which Grttk men belonged.

27 Kim has outlined the basic structure of the invitations as follows: ( 1) There is an invitation verb, which in this case is rroran bur in other cases is kakin. " The invitation verb is followed by (2) the reference to the invi ted guest, always given as the second person pronoun. 28 Next is (3) the naming of the host. Item (4) is the purpose of the invitation, which is consistently expressed with the verb tkipn~in {"to d ine"). The next irc:ms arc: (5) the occasion, (6) the place, (7) the date, and (8) the time.

First the tables were removed and the floor swept. Then water was passed around for washing the hands. Next a libation of unmixed wine was offered "to rhe good daemon" or "Good Deity" (agathou daimonos), and a "paean" was sung (paUmiuin). In addition , garlands wd perfumes might lx- passed around for theguc:sts. Thc:St: rituals are enumeratt:d in various sourcc:s as follows: Now, at last, the Aoor is swept, and clean arc the hands of all the guests, and their cups as well; one slave puu plaited wrcuhs o n their heads , another offcn sweet-smelling perfume in a saucer; the mixing-bowl stands full of good cheer (n~phnnyni] ; and anoth er wine is ready, which promises ncvc:rtogivc:out .

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