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Page 47 Conclusion: The Unused Sources of Energy We have arrived at the end of our inquiry. Let us pause, look back and reflect. After examining both the Council and the Code, the evidence shows that the Council went much further than the Code, or that the Code is only a partial implementation of the Council. This fact should not be surprising. The ecumenical council that gave us the documents and the commission for the revision of the Code were differently constituted bodies. Each had its own way of operating.

Nonetheless, the new Code has made great strides to promote ecumenism: each Page 33 bishop should foster it in his own diocese (383), and the Holy See with the episcopal college should support and direct it the world over (755). The new norms are more generous in allowing common worship and some participation in the sacraments than the old ones were (844). But in truth, ever since the Council, in ecumenical matters our legislation has been marked by hesitations. Often enough, a cautious step in the direction of unity has been followed by another reminding us of our separation.

It looked at the great variety Page 51 of the manifestation of the human spirit in different cultures, and wished to give them all home in the earthly Kingdom of God. And, by recognizing that the church of God is embedded in history and therefore can grow in grace and wisdom, it invited us all to put the sources of energy to good use. So there is an agenda for the future: we must understand, interpret and implement, and, when the time comes for it, we must amend and complement the Code of Canon Law in such a way that what the Council has seen in the distance should become a present reality for the Church of Christ.

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