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By Peter Boomgaard

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For hundreds of years, experiences of man-eating tigers in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore have circulated, shrouded in fantasy and anecdote. This attention-grabbing publication files the connection among the 'big cat' and people during this region throughout the 350-year colonial interval, recreating a global during which humans feared tigers yet frequently got here into touch with them, simply because those fierce predators desire habitats created through human interference. Peter Boomgaard exhibits how humans and tigers tailored to every other's behaviour, every one transmitting this studying from one new release to the following. He discusses the origins of news and rituals approximately tigers and explains how cultural biases of Europeans and sophistication changes between indigenous populations affected attitudes towards the tigers. He offers figures on their populations in several eras and analyses the standards contributing to their current prestige as an endangered species. Interweaving tales approximately Malay kings, colonial rulers, tiger charmers, and bounty hunters, with proof approximately tigers and their lifestyle, the ebook is an engrossing mix of environmental and micro background.

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According to the literature, he seldom runs after his prey; if he fails to get it in one jump, the attack is broken off. However, a 1995 movie on the Ranthambhore National Park in India clearly depicts a tiger running after deer for quite some time, and unless this was a tiger trained to do so, the literature might have to be revised on this point. Most observers agree that the tiger usually attacks from behind. This applies to both animal and human victims. Prior to the last few decades, this habit contributed a great deal to the tiger’s bad reputation.

It no longer had the endless stretches of virgin forest that characterized the country in the nineteenth century, nor had it developed large cultivated or urban areas as yet. In that respect, it was not so different from Sumatra at around the same time. The situation in Malaya and Sumatra was very different, however, from the one in Java and Bali around 1950. But the situation of Malaya in 1950 might reflect tiger densities in Java and Bali prior to 1820, when these islands also had much lower population densities, and not so many almost unbroken wetrice plains and urban areas as they would have later on.

42 One gets a fairly accurate picture of leopards if one regards them as smallscale tigers. Their length, height, weight, gestation period, and longevity are all somewhat below that of the tiger. They also go after smaller prey. Information about the procreation process of tigers and their territoriality generally applies 31 MEETING THE TIGER to leopards as well. Leopards’ hunting methods—“stalk-and-pounce”—are also broadly similar to those of the tiger. In some respects leopards do better than tigers.

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