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ADDER B-WITH A MAT W]RE FTGURE 11. --tl FIGURE 14. CREEPING ACROSS BARBED WIRE, USING A PLANKAND CLOTHING A kill an enemy. The low crawl is done hugging the ground, using its inegularities, alternately moving the arms and legs, moving forward with the weapon in the right hand (Figures 10 and 11). In this, it is essential to keep the muzzle slightly ahead of oneself and above the ground's surface, snow, water, or dirt. Individual natural and man-made obstacles and positions can be overcome by crawling and clambering, utilizing various concealed approach to capture or B FIGURE 12.

Depiction of these movements' winds, rain, and so on. SPECIAL FEATURES OF NIGHT MOVEMENT c A FIGURE21. NIGHT FIGURE 19. MOVING ON ROOFS A-FACINGTHE ROOF B-ON ALL FOURS C_BACKTOTHE ROOF A Movement in general, and particularly in special circumstances, demands carefully following the rules of concealment, avoiding in any way possible the group's being discovered. When using roads, avoid standing out against the background. In small towns, stay close to walls or fences; move in from woods or gardens.

AR CONDITIONS: MOUNTAIN, SURFACE, AND AIRBORNE TRAINING INCIDENTAL PHYSICAL COACHING IN OTHER DRILLS AND INSTRUCTION coAcHrNG) PHYSICAL EXERCISES FOR SPECIFIC CONDITIONS (MOUNTAIN AND AIRBORNE TRATNTNG) FIGURE 3. FORMS OF SPECIAL PHYSICALTRAINING CARRYING OUT SPECIAL EXERCTSES: RUNN|NG, JUMP|NG TO GET BY OR THROUGH NATURALAND MAN-MADE OBSTACLES; SCALING BY I-ADDER; PARACHUTING; SAFETy tN ATTACKING; SpEC|AL BLOWS; THROWS; WEAPON USE Forming moral-political and psychological qualities. ' -Specific goals: Mastering techniques of taking prisoners, silently eliminating sentries, securing and transporting prisoners; Developing goups; capture skill in acting as a unit in attack groups and and skills to defeat an enemy in sin- -Buildingknowledge without using firearms, utilizing sambo, boxing, gle combat, karate, andjudo.

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