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By Samantha Seiple

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During this Early chicken identify, readers know about the actual features, habitat, and behaviour of anteaters.

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Most insects also have wings. habitats (HAB-uh-tats): the places where a kind of animal can live and grow knuckle walking: walking on the back of the paws or hands mammals: a group of animals with warm blood and backbones. Mammals have hair and feed their young milk. Giant anteaters, people, and cows are mammals. nocturnal (nahk-TUR-nuhl): active during the night nursing: drinking mother’s milk predators: animals that hunt other animals for food proboscis (pruh-BAHS-kuhs): a long snout 46 rain forests: warm, thick forests where a lot of rain falls reserve: an area of land that is set aside to protect wild animals territory: the area of land where a giant anteater wanders and hunts 47 INDEX Pages listed in bold type refer to photographs.

People also hunt giant anteaters for food. Other hunters kill anteaters for sport. They display the dead anteaters in their homes. People catch giant anteaters to sell as pets too. 38 People can also harm the habitats of giant anteaters. People want to build new houses, roads, and towns. They also want more grassland for their cattle. People set fires in forests to clear away the trees. But giant anteaters have poor eyesight and are slow moving. Many of them die because they cannot escape the fires.

Chapter 4 A mother with her baby takes a drink from the water. What is a baby giant anteater called? Baby Giant Anteaters A female giant anteater has her first baby when she is about two and a half years old. She looks for thick bushes or another safe place. Then she stands on her back legs and gives birth. A giant anteater usually has only one baby at a time. But sometimes twins are born. 28 A baby giant anteater is called a pup. A pup weighs about 3 pounds when it is born. That is as much as a newborn piglet.

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