Global Climate Change: A Primer by Orrin H. Pilkey Jr., Keith C. Pilkey PDF

By Orrin H. Pilkey Jr., Keith C. Pilkey

ISBN-10: 0822350955

ISBN-13: 9780822350958

An the world over well-known professional at the geology of barrier islands, Orrin H. Pilkey is among the infrequent teachers who engages in public advocacy approximately science-related concerns. He has written dozens of books and articles explaining coastal methods to put readers, and he's a widespread and outspoken interviewee within the mainstream media. the following, the colourful scientist takes on weather switch deniers in a great and much-needed primer at the technological know-how of world swap and its effects.

After explaining the greenhouse impression, Pilkey, writing with son Keith, turns to the wear it truly is inflicting: sea point upward thrust, ocean acidification, glacier and sea ice melting, altering habitats, desertification, and the threats to animals, people, coral reefs, marshes, and mangroves. those factors are observed by way of Mary Edna Fraser’s wonderful batiks depicting the large-scale arenas during which weather switch performs out.

The Pilkeys without delay confront and rebut arguments normally complicated through worldwide swap deniers. really beneficial are their discussions of “Climategate,” a synthetic scandal that undermined appreciate for the clinical neighborhood, and the denial campaigns through the fossil gas undefined, which they evaluate to the strategies utilized by the tobacco businesses a iteration in the past to obfuscate findings at the damage attributable to cigarettes.

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Bjørn Lomborg, economist and adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School, is among the most sophisticated of the skeptics and in some circles is considered a legitimate critic, but he is not. Lomborg came on the scene in a big way with the publication of his best-­s elling book The Skeptical Environmentalist (2001), and in 2007 he published Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming. Both books deal with similar themes, mainly that claims of catastrophe are overblown and that cost-­benefit analysis suggests the need to pay more attention to other problems, such as poverty, AIDS, and malaria.

Noisy trends must be evaluated over a long period, not year by year. In November 2009 the Natural Environment Research Council and the Royal Society in London issued a statement that the previous ten years had 27 been the hottest on record. The warmest years on record, since accurate measurements began in the late 1800s, were 1934, 1998, and 2005. myth: It was hotter in the “Medieval Warm Period” than at present, so the current warming trend is just another blip in atmospheric temperatures. It is true that between ad 800 and 1300 Europe and Eastern North America warmed up, but this warming, like the cooling of the Little Ice Age (1550 to 1850), may have been a regional climate change without global implications.

Forest fires will increase in number and size in the West. The need for air conditioning will increase, and the time span for winter sports will be reduced. Forest Fires An increase in the size and frequency of forest fires is predicted for a number of regions that already experience them. This is a response to a warming atmosphere, drying forest soils, a long history of fire suppression (allowing undergrowth to expand), longer fire seasons (the fire season in the western United States has already increased in length by more than two months), and changes in the size and timing of melting winter snow accumulations.

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