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By Terry Nance

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Terry Nance reaffirms where and place of the neighborhood church in our lives. In an afternoon of apathy and indifference, Nance calls us to faithfulness to our neighborhood church buildings, pastors, leaders, and congregations which will extra successfully effect our neighborhood groups.

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This is why he will come at us to try to pull us down, get us out of church, away from the goal line, and keep us from fulfilling our call. The first outward sign of backsliding is always poor church attendance. It happens when the church is no longer a priority in our lives. You need to either pray for your church until Heaven opens over it, or you need to go to a church that is on fire. Either way—get involved. It is too late in the game to be playing around. The Body of Christ must put on their game faces.

People have no right to exercise a voice in their local church unless they are tithers. Until they decide to obey the Word and tithe, they need to just sit there, be quiet and listen. Non-tithers end up big losers. They lose out on the opportunity to have God bless them financially. When we hold back what belongs to God, it shuts the windows of heaven over our lives. ” You ask how can anyone take something from God? What we do when we do not tithe is rob God of the blessing and right for Him to bless us.

When we go into the local church to contribute and to be a blessing in that church, then our motives are right and pure—and God will use us. It will not be long before we are promoted into the position in which God has called us. IT IS THE PLACE WHERE YOU LEARN TO DEAL WITH PRAISE AND CRITICISM A coach will praise us when we perform well and rebuke us when we are inadequate. He will do whatever it takes to train and motivate his team. In any local church there are good days and then there are more challenging days.

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