W Scott Ingram, Professor Robert Asher's Greek Immigrants (Immigration to the United States) PDF

By W Scott Ingram, Professor Robert Asher

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The us is really a kingdom of immigrants. Spanning the time from while the Europeans first got here to the recent international, this booklet conveys the thrill of those tales to kids. It highlights the topics, humans, locations, and occasions that have been vital to every immigrant workforce.

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Some had the experience of working for dishonest bosses in their first jobs as dishwashers, laborers, or street vendors and in the fur and garment industries. After that, many Greek immigrants decided that they would prefer to work for themselves. A large number of Greek Americans during this time opened small businesses such as candy stores and grocery stores. Many other Greek immigrants opened restaurants. These were not eating places that specialized in Greek foods. Rather, they were small diners that featured inexpensive dishes.

Even though President Woodrow Wilson vetoed it, the so-called literacy law was passed in 1919. The law required all adult immigrants to be able to read in their native language. In families, only the husband was required to be literate. Still, the law did little to keep immigrants out of the United States. When the IRL had first proposed the law in 1895, many European immigrants were illiterate. By 1919, however, most of them could read. Of the 800,000 immigrants who came to the United States (from all nations) between 1920 and 1921, only 1,450 were barred because they failed the test.

These groups were allowed to immigrate in greater numbers because they were the ethnic groups with the largest number of members currently living in the United States. Yet even these quotas did not limit immigration enough for many Americans at the time. The so-called nativist American groups such as the IRL wanted to further reduce the quotas of immigrants allowed. S. House Committee on Immigration, spoke out about his concerns. Our cherished institutions [are] diluted by alien blood. . The United States is our land.

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