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By Phil Masters

ISBN-10: 1556344783

ISBN-13: 9781556344787

Misplaced, yet now not Forgotten? Atlantis: one of many nice legends. someplace, past the sting of the area, a superb empire grew decadent and fell, sinking ceaselessly underneath the waves. The misplaced Land; the Sunken urban; the traditional Birthplace of secrets and techniques. It has haunted our goals because the days of old Greece. In a few of these desires, the misplaced Land continues to be available in the market. GURPS Atlantis is a gamer's consultant to the tale, the background, and the parable. From Greek philosophy to superhero comics, from fantasies of prehistory to the depths of the ocean, it is all the following. This ebook comprises info of legends of alternative sunken lands, principles for underwater operations, info of quite a lot of submarines, and at least 3 crusade backgrounds - one excessive myth, one conspiratorial, and one for steampunk or superhero video games. Come To Atlantis! This name can also be on hand as a restricted version Hardcover. GURPS easy Set and Compendium I: personality production are required to exploit this publication in a GURPS crusade. GURPS Atlantis is also used as a sourcebook for any roleplaying process.

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They prefer to eat humanoids, so they hunt and prey on various tribes, luring them into sinister traps. ) Inamakosi the Meat King, chieftain of the Fleshstalkers tribe (CE male spriggan barbarian 3/rogue 3) Ngabo the Deathbringer, chieftain of the Ironbell tribe (CE male spriggan rogue 4/sorcerer 6) Ukabalimeli the Manslayer, chieftain of the Graveborn tribe (CE male spriggan barbarian 8) Marketplace Base Value 1,300 gp; Purchase Limit 7,500 gp; Spellcasting 4th Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items — Far to the east, in possibly the least accessible boundary of the Screaming Jungle, rises an impenetrable, mountainous formation of weathered limestone.

Warehouse Row: The docks area known as Warehouse Row is one of the most important locations in Bloodcove. The rust-red waters that emerge sluggishly from the river here channel immense wealth, most of it looted from ancient tombs by treasure seekers or plundered from the land itself by loggers and miners eager to exploit the region’s bountiful natural resources. The Aspis Consortium oversees the movement of goods through Bloodcove via its agents on the Row. Most of the dockworkers are Mwangi humans who earn a decent wage by hauling crates, mending hulls, and maintaining storage areas, but those in charge report to the Aspis Consortium.

Walk of Shrines: A single street lined on both sides with small churches and shrines dedicated to dozens of gods, spirits, and philosophies. Some are simple kiosks, tightly packed with small platforms for preaching. Others house small congregations. Fetishes hang in windows and interiors are kept cool with skin carpets and leaf-woven prayer mats splayed across the f loor. The Wells: Only in the last 2 centuries have settlers dug deep enough and often enough to supply all the city’s water needs with wells, making the city far more defensible should it ever face a long-term siege from outside forces.

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