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GURPS Illuminati (Rep)

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The Illuminati know, or can guess, how their actions are going to affect hundreds of stocks. They can then buy or sell those stocks, through so many blind links and shell companies that nobody can trace their actions. Normal large corporations are able to do this; how much easier it becomes for a group that can steer government and social policy. Illuminati groups might also own companies, conglomerates and international megacorporations. Again, profits can be maximized when the controlling group can influence government policy.

Skills Alchemy seep. B59 In an illuminated world, the supposedly moribund tradition of alchemy might actually contain some great truths. You can choose to be one of the few who know this, but it will probably (GM's discretion) require an Unusual Background to explain how you came to this startling realization. Occultism seep. B61 In an Illuminated campaign, a great deal of occultist esoterica may be true, and Occultism can substitute for Conspiracy Theory in some cases. Research seep. B62 This can be used to investigate conspiracies.

See Chapter 3 for examples of different Illuminati groups. The Illuminati's Purpose The most important thing to decide for each Illuminati group is its purpose, its ultimate goal. This will have significant effects on virtually everything that follows. Does the group want to rule the world? Why? Or does it want to destroy some existing facet of society, such as organized religion? Again, why? The goal will influence the types of subgroups that the Illuminati group will control, and thus will affect the "feel" of the entire campaign.

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